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Here's how to make money online this March

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Spring is almost here, and it’s time for a fresh start! Here’s how you can clear out the old and bring in the new, with easy ways to make money online.

There are plenty of ways to make money online - all you need is a bit of time and a few great ideas! If you're struggling to come up with ways to make money online easily, here are 10 easy ways to earn some easy extra income!

Ten easy ways to make money online

1. Sell old technology. Look at sites such as Music Magpie and dig out your old contact phones, mp3 players and tablets. Even broken devices can earn you a bit of money online. And if you've got iconic retro devices (such as iPods and Gameboys) you could try selling them on an online auction - collectors will pay a surprising amount for classic tech!

2. Take online surveys for cash. This is an easy one! Opinion Outpost lets you share your opinions for cash, to make money online in your spare time. Taking surveys for money is a fun and flexible way to top up your income and make money online!

3. Get cashback. Sites such as Topcashback mean that once you sign up you can easily make money online by clicking through their site before you shop online. Payouts can vary, but it's an easy way to build up a stash of cash without doing very much.

4. Get paid to Google. Love being online? Maybe getting paid to use search engines will be a great way for you to make money online, using apps such as Qmee. It involves downloading an add-on that sits on your internet browser, then you can search online as you normally would. It will show extra results or adverts alongside normal search results. If the suggested result interests you, click it and you'll earn a few pence each time.

5. Not bothered about seeing adverts? Maybe reading them will help you to make money online! Various free apps, such as Qustodian, are available so that you can earn money online to read adverts and respond to feedback requests. Easy!

6. Got an eye for detail? Ever thought of being a proofreader in your spare time? Look out for adverts online, or you could try contacting agencies for casual work.

7. Job spotting. Yes there really is an app to let you make money online by taking photos of jobs in windows! Companies such as Job Spotter then upload these to internet job sites, in exchange for rewards for you.

8. Ever fancied being the next Kirsty & Phil? If you live in London (or visit regularly) companies such as YouSpotProperty let you earn rewards online for identifying derelict properties in the capital. Simple, but potentially an effective way to make money online, as if the developer goes on to buy it you may get a small share of the profits.

9. Testing websites. All sorts of companies want to hear what you think of their websites. Joining companies such as What Users Do lets you make money online for testing and reporting back. A great one if you love being online.

10. Sell old jewellery. Got some old gold and silver lying around which you'll never wear? Or perhaps you've seen something in a charity shop which is made of precious metal? There are plenty of companies who will happily buy this from you, many of which you can register online so you never even have to go to get it valued. Just be sure it doesn't have any sentimental value as you can't get it back! If you want to make space though, and make money online, this is a good option.

So there we have it - ten easy ways to make money online – most of which you won’t even have to change out of your pyjamas for! Have fun earning that extra cash, and enjoy planning what you'll spend any earnings on!

Have you made money online in your spare time? Got any top tips for others? We’d love to hear from you! Join the discussion on our Facebook page and let us know! And don’t forget to take safe online surveys for cash, and make money online in your spare time, at OOUK! Where thousands of you make money online safely each week!

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