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Online surveys say January is the worst month - but here's why it isn't so bad!

A family fly a kite on a beach in January and enjoy other reasons why January is great according to Paid Surveys

There are plenty of online surveys around which tell us January is the worst month of the year (see why below). But here’s why we love January at OOUK!

Online surveys always say January is the worst month

It’s not just Blue Monday we have to worry about in January – there is survey after survey on why the first month of the year is the worst. Not only did a huge number of people rate it as their most hated month in surveys for money, but January is also the worst month for break-ups and the worst month when it comes to debt, according to various online surveys. (Not to mention it being officially the worst month for film critics, if you’ve read the surveys for money on that!)

OK, OK, so forget the weather and the bad news for now. There are also plenty of reasons why January is great! Here are a few of our favourites.

Online surveys hate January...but here’s why we don’t!

Here are our top 10 reasons why we like to ignore the January paid surveys and stay positive!

  1. It’s a brand new year! Think of all the wonderful possibilities ahead.
  2. Remember that brilliant Natascha Beddingfield song? The world is your oyster, starting NOW.
  3. Everything in the house may feel a little bare after the decorations are gone. But look at all that extra space! Why not use the time to re-paint, or move the furniture around?
  4. Similarly, your outside space may look bleak and uninviting. So now’s the time to clear everything back in anticipation of spring! It’s just around the corner now :)
  5. Bonus (bullet) point – the grass doesn’t need cutting yet! SEE, there are SOME good things about winter!
  6. Sales! Yes we may be feeling broke, but if there’s something you’ve had your eye on now is the time to nab a bargain.
  7. Some of the best outdoor places in the UK are practically empty! If it’s open, don your layers and brave the great outdoors. Parks, playgrounds and other attractions are quiet this month, so you may even have the place to yourselves! Plus, exercise and fresh air help to blow away the cobwebs.
  8. Christmas fun may be over, but there are still loads of events going on throughout January! Consider the panto for cheap January tickets (and a good laugh), and check out local listings for what’s on in your area.
  9. No more Xmas songs. Yes the majority of us may like them, according to online surveys, but as much as we love Christmas it is nice to hear a few new songs on the radio again.
  10. More time. No more rushing around buying gifts for all and sundry, or battling the supermarket aisles, or planning the Christmas party. Your evenings are your own again and you are officially allowed to have a quiet night in again!
  11. And finally – the shortest day of the year is officially behind us! The evenings will get slightly lighter every single day now until the warm weather arrives – hurrah!

So, as you can see, it’s really not all bad! Let’s embrace January and get the year off to a flying start!

Do you like or loathe January, and why? Do you see it as a fresh new start, or a big old drag? Let us know by joining the discussion on our Facebook page. And, in your spare time this January, don’t forget to take online surveys and make money online whilst you share your thoughts in our surveys for cash! What better way to beat the January blues than by having a cosy night in to get paid for surveys, at Opinion Outpost UK?

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