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Are you a leader or a follower? Paid Surveys UK find surprising results

A crowd of sheep walk together as we ask whether you are a leader or a follower of the crowd in our latest paid survey

According to paid surveys UK, more of us identify ourselves as ‘leaders’ rather than followers. But is it as black and white as that?

One of the recent surveys for money conducted by YouGov revealed that 39% of us consider ourselves a ‘leader’. 26% said they were more of a ‘follower’ and one third of us identify as neither (whilst just 3% didn't know). But what does this mean, and how do different groups of people compare?

Paid surveys UK show patterns of leadership

Nearly 50,000 people took part in the surveys for money on leadership, and there were distinct groups which formed a clear pattern of answers. For example, more males were likely to identify as ‘leaders’ than females (44% versus 23%). Perhaps this reveals more how we consider ourselves, as opposed to what we actually may be, or perhaps it stands to reason as the majority of CEOs and political leaders are indeed male.

The top age groups which included the most self-confessed ‘leaders’ were the youngest category who took part in the paid surveys (18-24, at 40%) and also the 55+ age group (with the highest rates of 42%).

Interestingly, those who identify as leaders are more likely to be self-employed than followers. Around one in six leaders (17%) are self-employed (or were prior to retirement), compared to 8% of followers.

‘Leaders’ also consider themselves more willing to take risks. When asked to judge their willingness to take risks on a scale of 0-10 (with 0 being “unwilling to take risks” and 10 being “fully prepared to take risks”) 53% of leaders rated themselves 6-10, compared to only 30% of followers.

Do surveys for money showing leadership matter?

It may be that a larger proportion of males are more ambitious in leadership, or just that the statistics of women in lead roles is still too low.

For both men and women though, there is a key opportunity to become (or identify as) a leader when you are in the latter years of your career.

The fact that one third of people in the UK distinctly don’t categorise themselves into either area implies that many of us are open to the idea that we may be both, in different situations. One thing is for sure though – with a higher proportion of ‘leaders’ than any other category, we are certainly an ambitious group overall – and that’s got to be a positive for post-Brexit UK.

How would you identify yourself? Would it vary depending on the day and situation? Or would you clearly class yourself in one of the categories in the paid surveys UK? We’d love to know what you think, so join the discussion on our Facebook page and let us know. And don’t forget – whether you’re a leader, a follower, or not sure - don’t forget to take part in paid surveys UK and enjoy exciting surveys for money at Opinion Outpost UK!

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