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Easy ways to recycle and make money online

A woman browses clothes in a boutique after making money from paid surveys

The first week of March is National Old Stuff Day – but is it really possible to make money online by clearing out your old clutter? Of course! Here’s how.

According to recent online surveys, most of us are sitting on £1,000 of potential cash for items we no longer want or need. There are plenty of ways to make money online by getting rid of stuff you already own. Of course, there are always auctions, pawn shops and car boot sales, but we prefer to make money online without even having to leave the house. Here are five great ways of earning some extra cash for your old bits and pieces.

Research online to make money online

Plain and simply, some things are worth more than others. But it’s still perfectly possible to make money online with old stuff which isn’t exactly mint. Classic Disney films, retro art pieces and coin collections can all be worth money on online auction sites. Perhaps you have some old pottery you no longer use, or even your childhood stamp collection you’re keen to clear out? Research online auction sites and selling sites for similar items and you can pretty much gauge your own valuation based on what others have been willing to pay. You may be surprised how much those old free fast food toys could bag you!

Bag up old clothes for charity or to make money online

Many of us have an annual spring clean out of the clothes we no longer wear, and it’s traditional to take them to a charity shop. Great idea, so that someone else can benefit from what you no longer need. But, if you’d rather turn some of the rags into some sort of riches, consider online companies which collect your clothes for cash. Most pay by the kilo, so best to wait until you have a lot to sell. They won’t make you much money necessarily, but if you’ve got some popular brands and handbags lurking at the back of your wardrobe, these may well be worth even more.

Cash in your gadgets and make money online

If you’ve got old phones, tablets or even broken laptops lying around, these could all be worth money in your pocket. There are lots of companies and private buyers who would be interested in these items – some are sent for recycling and some classic pieces are in demand on their own (think Game Boys, ipods, and even record players and mini disc players – remember those?!). A handy way to free up some space for your new technology!

How old pictures and articles could make you money online

Did you write articles as a student? Or got old photos sitting on your drive which you think are pretty good? OK so this one may only free up hard drive space, but if you’ve got a flair for writing or photography you could be sitting on a small gold mine. Search online for companies which buy specialist articles, or look for industry magazines which pay for submissions. With digital photos, many online photo libraries are looking for new images to add to their bank. You will no longer own the rights to the photos, and they could of course end up anywhere, but especially if you’ve got arty shots or good compositions of famous landmarks these are all popular with digital marketers and advertisers.

Flog your fiction to make money online

In spite of e-books, classic hardbacks and paperbacks are still as popular as ever. Rifle through your old book shelves, and if you have something rare or hard to find, why not sell it online to earn extra cash? Sites such as Amazon will give you a valuation before you commit to selling it, and it’s simple to list online to a huge pool of potential purchasers. Not only could you make money online but it’s a great way to recycle and free up some space too!

Feeling inspired to have a clear out and make money online? Have you done any of these ideas, and how did you get on? Have you any other suggestions for members to easily make money online in their spare time? Have your say on our Facebook page! And don’t forget, Opinion Outpost UK offers exciting online surveys all year round – for one of the easiest ways to make money online and earn some extra cash whilst working from home! Sign up or sign in today to take our latest paid surveys for cash.

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