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Will there be a second referendum? Surveys for cash tell all

A Union Flag flies outside a building as people share their opinions on a second brexit referendum

According to surveys for cash, there is a growing demand for a second referendum in here the UK in a decisive ‘final vote’. But how likely is this?

Surveys for cash conducted recently by the Guardian show that 47% of people who took part in the paid survey would like a final say on Brexit once the terms have been set out. Just 34% of people did not want to re-open the question.

Do surveys for cash represent a growing call for a second vote?

According to the surveys for cash, the increased backing for a second vote has come from both sides of the debate; in fact one-quarter of ‘leave’ voters favour having another referendum on the final deal.

With the terms of the UK leaving the EU not yet ironed out, and with key issues still ongoing (such as the Irish border, special access to certain markets and immigration being just a few) it seems the majority of the UK population are re-considering their opinions on whether we should be ‘in’ or ‘out’.

Several groups of people clearly begrudge the marketing tactics of both the Remain and the Leave campaigns, blaming make-believe figures and false promises as misleading reasons to vote. (Even Nigel Farage has admitted the £350 million promise to the NHS was a mistake.)

It’s true to say we were asked to vote somewhat blindly, as this was never going to be a straight-forward decision, and the uncertainty surrounding our future as a country is understandably making voters somewhat nervous on both sides.

Have we changed our minds on Brexit? Paid survey results

According to the latest paid surveys, if we voted again on Brexit right now the remain vote leads leave by 51% versus 49%. However, the same ratio of responses was seen in 2016 – showing we have not changed our minds much since the doubts on the Brexit deal started emerging after the result.

It’s important to remember, however, the misleading paid survey results before the vote – so perhaps we shouldn’t pay too much attention to these specific polls.

However, it’s perfectly understandable for people to want to know the exact terms of the deal before we make up our minds for the final time. In which case, after the facts emerge, the paid polls and surveys for money may well change again.

But how likely is it that we will get to have a second vote? Theresa May has clearly stated there will not be a second vote on her watch, stating “There is no going back.”

But, in the world of UK politics, who knows? Surveys for cash and the media didn’t predict the Brexit outcome, and very few would have pre-empted the subsequent fallout. Perhaps there will be another election, perhaps the terms will change yet again or perhaps a soft Brexit will become more or less along-term non-entity?

Surveys for cash can’t tell us, and neither can the politicians. So for now it’s just a case of wait and see what the political future holds. Let’s just hope that whatever it is, it is more positive for the country than what people are thinking right now.

What do you think about the surveys for cash on a second referendum? Would you change your vote? Would you like to see the terms before you decided, or is it better just left to play out? We’d love to hear what you think, so have your say on our Facebook page and let us know! And whether you like or loathe politics, taking Opinion Outpost’s surveys for cash are a great way to get paid for surveys and online polls. Make money online and have your say at OOUK, and enjoy a fun way to earn cash for surveys!

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