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How romantic are we really? Surveys for cash reveal all

2 glasses of champagne and roses on a red background represent what we really think about romance and love according to paid surveys

Are we a nation of romantics in the UK? Well, according to surveys for cash conducted last Valentine’s Day, it’s a mixed picture.

The results of an online study indicated that we weren’t that keen on Valentine’s Day, but that there is a bit of romance in the air throughout the UK overall.

Surveys for cash reveal how nonplussed we are over Valentine’s Day

The paid survey asked volunteers ‘Does the reminder to be romantic on this day increase the sum total of good vibes, or does it create more dissatisfaction?’ Less than a third of people agreed that it increases good vibes, and 1 in 5 thought it increased dissatisfaction. Most interesting of all though was that over half of respondents said ‘neither/other’. This implies many of us probably couldn’t give a hoot about 14th February, or that we had no strong feelings either way. Quite a surprise to the survey makers!

How many of us are really in love, ask paid surveys

When asked if you truly love your current partner, an overwhelming 68% agreed. Only 4% said no, 5% were unsure, and 23% were free and single with no partner. Perhaps the stereotype of us Brits is right after all; we have a huge potential for love and romance inside of us, but not when someone tells us when we must display it.

Also, according to the surveys for cash, we are fairly trustworthy overall when it comes to privacy and relationships. 70% of us said there was nothing on our phone that we wouldn’t want our partner to see, whereas just a small but shady 10% disagreed with this and had something to hide.

Where is the most romantic place in the UK, according surveys for cash?

Another paid survey for Valentine’s Day showed how much we really spend on our loved ones on 14th Feb. The most generous place was Preston; topping the charts as the place spending the most on their partner, with an average of £53.36 being forked out on gifts and gestures of affection.

Of course the headlines promoted Preston as the most romantic place in the UK (which it may be of course), but it’s important to consider payment on stock gifts as being only showmance rather than actual romance. Preston may be doing a roaring trade in the local card and flower shop, but we all know romance doesn’t necessarily have to cost a penny. Us Brits know that better than anyone.

Unlike the French and the Italians, we’re not known as a nation of romantics (classic poetry aside, of course). And if indeed most of us really don’t like being told when to celebrate how romantic we are, then maybe – just maybe – we’re a nation of romantics most of the year round. We just don’t bang on about it.

What do you think about the results from these surveys for money? Are we a nation of secret romantics? What do you think romance really is – can it be bought or is it priceless? What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done, or you’ve ever experienced? We’d love to hear from you! Join the discussion on our Facebook page and let us know! And don’t forget to take safe online surveys for cash, and make money online in your spare time, at OOUK – where we love you and your opinions all year round!

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