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European stereotypes: who we think are rude, funny & gorgeous, say surveys for money

Friends of different nationalitites chat together over coffee and discuss the results of paid surveys about european stereotypes

A recent poll of 2,500 Europeans revealed what we really think of other nationalities. The surveys for money showed some pretty amusing results!

It appears good-natured stereotypes are pretty much alive and well across EU countries and their counterparts. A large group of respondents from the UK, Spain, Germany, France and Italy took part in the surveys for money, and their answers fitted a strong pattern of responses.

But who were voted the funniest, most good-looking and most generous? An educated guess might give you the answer, but here are the results to confirm the findings!

Surveys for money show how we see others from the EU

Hilariously (and perhaps predictably) us Brits think France is the rudest country in the EU, and that the Irish are the most generous. Apparently we love the Italians, whom we voted not only as the best looking nation, but also the most liked. We voted the Danish as the most trustworthy in the surveys for money, and we picked Germany as the most reserved nation.

Other countries tended to agree with us, with Italy winning in the overall stakes as the best looking (with a stonking 25% of all votes), most liked, most generous overall and, interestingly, the most traditional.

Surveys for money show how others see us

The UK was a clear winner in the humour stakes, with the largest proportion of countries voting us as the funniest nation. I’m sure most of us will be pleased with that, as our unique sense of humour is a bit of a source of national pride. (And perhaps they won’t all hate us post-Brexit after all, if we can laugh our way out of it.)

BUT we did also top the poll as one of the ‘angriest’ nations in Europe, alongside Greece (hmm, this made me slightly annoyed to read, but maybe the Brexit effect hasn’t gone unnoticed after all), and we also scored highly in the ‘most reserved’ category. Well, I never.

But before we get on our high horses: A bit cross, but with a good sense of humour, and too polite to express how we really feel? Sounds pretty much like everyone I’ve ever known in the UK. Perhaps the surveys for money really were spot on after all.

Did you agree with the results from the EU surveys for money? Do we deserve to top the polls as the funniest? Do you think we missed out on the most traditional accolade? Or have they got us all wrong? Join the discussion on our Facebook page and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear your thoughts. And, don’t forget to share those thoughts in our latest surveys for cash at OOUK. Why not make your opinions count with paid surveys for money in your spare time? Join in, take part, and let the earnings start!

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