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There’s a new top supermarket in town! Waitrose has long held the crown, but according to surveys for money UK it’s been spectacularly knocked off the top spot.

An annual customer satisfaction survey has revealed that classic Brit favourite Waitrose – who has held the title of the best supermarket for the last three years running – has been bumped down to number four. Here’s how the 6,800 shoppers ranked their top food shops in the latest surveys for money UK on supermarkets:

Surveys for money UK show top supermarkets

In first place (for the first time) was Aldi! Although some shoppers who took the paid surveys complained of jumbled aisles and rushed checkouts, it was value for money which let the budget supermarket clinch the top spot for 2018. Aldi received 5 stars overall for its value for money, versus just 2 stars awarded to previous winner Waitrose this year.

Marks and Spencer came in second place in the surveys for money UK, closely followed by Lidl at number three and Waitrose at number four. Fifth place went to Iceland, sixth to Tesco, whilst Asda and Morrisons shared spot number seven. Sadly for Sainsburys, it only ranked at spot number nine.

Iceland meanwhile celebrated sharing the number one spot with Ocado in ‘best online supermarket’ in the surveys for money UK. This was followed by Morrisons, Waitrose and Amazon Fresh.

It’s refreshing to see the budget supermarkets becoming the most popular – and acceptable – place to shop. Customers in the paid surveys sung the praises of their fresh produce, good variety and speedy service.

Interestingly, we still have a clear soft spot for premium Waitrose, if the surveys for money UK are anything to go by. The top spots being taken by arguably the opposite extremes show our love of diversity, quality and variety when it comes to food shopping.

Although Waitrose were clearly upset by the news of the surveys for money UK, it is the mid range retailers such as Tesco and Sainsburys which have come out the worst. Perhaps this is the turning point, based on shoppers’ demands – either offer high quality and premium prices or good quality at value prices. It remains to be seen how the other supermarkets will adapt to our changing shopping habits, but it’s a real win for value-conscious shoppers who deserve the best of both.

Let the supermarket wars begin!

What do you think about the top supermarkets, according to surveys for money UK? Are you surprised that Aldi topped the list, or is it well-deserved? Are you surprised at Waitrose’s dramatic fall from grace? Have your say on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to get your opinion heard in online surveys for money UK at Opinion Outpost – where value lovers can make money online in exciting paid surveys for cash!

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