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Would you be willing to become an #Ad? Paid surveys reveal changing attitudes

A group takes a selfie for social media as paid surveys say we're happy to be shown #ads. Disagree? Have your say with online surveys for cash and paid surveys with money

According to paid surveys, over a third of us would be willing to let brands sponsor our photos on social media. Are you one of them?

The recent YouGov poll used online surveys for cash to gauge the opinion of different groups of people, of varying ages who used various social media platforms, to find out just how willing we are to ‘sell’ ourselves online. The results were pretty surprising.

Paid surveys show we’re not shy on sponsorship

In an extreme example, a tea-loving man from Sheffield legally changed his name this year to Nathan Yorkshire Tea Garner to honour his favourite brand and 20-cups-a-day habit. Whilst the online surveys for cash revealed only 6% of us Brits would be willing to go to such extremes to promote our favourite brands, there are other means of sponsorship that a significant number of us would willingly consider.

Almost half of those taking the paid surveys said they would let a company put ‘sponsored by…’ at the bottom of all their photos on social media. Around 40% would be willing to appear in an advert for their favourite brand, and a quarter of us would be willing to have our cars painted in the colour scheme of our favourite makes. An amazing 5% even said they would like to get paid to have a permanent tattoo of their favourite brand on their body.

But why are we so willing to ‘sell’ ourselves? Well, part of it comes down to the fact that we are a consumerist society which is very brand-focused (remember the Jamie Oliver experiment of children identifying fast food chains from their logos only?). Advertising and endorsements affect all areas of our lives, from feeding our children to deciding which channel to watch. We love brands – but is this a bad thing?

Online surveys for cash reveal sponsorship is on the up

We all know social media is a platform for companies and promotions, and we’re used to being bombarded with adverts pretty during much all the time we spend online. Many of us also know about ‘social influencers’ (people who are paid to promote products and companies to their followers). But it seems more and more of us would be willing to get on board with doing the same thing.

Perhaps it’s the relentless selfie culture to blame, the growing gig-culture or the current trend in product placement (thanks to the movies) – but people are, according to the paid surveys, more willing than ever to turn themselves into a brand and become an #ad.

Four in ten of us would be willing to have a brand logo and the words “sponsored by” in the bottom corner of their profile photo on all their social media accounts, found the online surveys for cash. Also, over a third of people would allow a brand to do the same for each photo they post on social media. Perhaps, knowing the reality of celebrity endorsements in the modern world, this would help people to feel more credible, as well as elevating their social status. Celebrity endorsements are very much accepted now, on everything from cars to condoms, so is there anything wrong with wanting to get involved ourselves for a bit of extra cash?

There is a positive argument for brands using ‘real’ people in their promotions. Celebrities turning up for 1 hour with 3 makeup artists and a team of stylists to spritz a bit of perfume around isn’t exactly like real life – but seeing your neighbour on a promotion might help to show a more rounded view of real life (just look at the Dove adverts, for example).

In a world where anyone with a camera phone can broadcast themselves, perhaps it’s about time targeted adverts and real sponsorships feature real people too?

So, if the paid surveys truly reveal a real appetite for people to represent the brands they love, our social media feeds may look mighty different in the next few years. Goodbye Gigi and so long Cheryl – turns out Tracy from down the road has got the next L’Oreal gig.

What do you think about the paid survey results? Are you surprised so many of us would endorse products so publically? Do you think sponsored ‘real’ photos are the future of social media promotions? Or do you think it’s a sad state of affairs that big brands are at the heart of everything we do and see? Would YOU be willing to sell your image and become an #ad? We’d love to know what you think, so join the discussion on our Facebook page and have your say. And don’t forget – if you love brands and want to get your viewpoint heard, don’t forget to take part in paid surveys and fun online surveys for cash at Opinion Outpost UK!

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