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Celebrate Awkward Moments Day: you are not alone!

Celebrate Awkward Moments Day: you are not alone!

Happy Awkward Moments Day! 18th March is the official day in the year where you can be let off for doing something silly. In fact, it’s a great comfort to me that there are other people in the world who are just as ridiculous as I am, and for that I intend to celebrate.

According to recent online surveys, waving to a stranger who is not the person you thought they were is officially the most common embarrassing moment, shared by 65% of people surveyed. I can sympathise with this, but this actually fails to embarrass me any more as I do it so often. (It’s best just to carry on waving and either make that person’s day or scare them away!)

Unfortunately I’ve got bigger, more awkward fish to fry. So far this month I have suffered from the following awkward moments:

* Accidentally putting kisses on an email to my accountant

* Bending over during a freak gust of wind (sadly it was less of a Marilyn Monroe moment and more of a Mrs Merton moment)

* Parking on top of somebody’s wellies (well they shouldn’t be taking up 2 car parking spaces to get dressed, in my opinion)

* Criticising the canteen’s content with the boss in earshot

* Accidentally playing footsie with a stranger in a restaurant

* Realising too late that my toddler had chased a pigeon into a recruitment agency

I would, in truth, rather forget these embarrassing encounters. But, as it’s 18th March, I am feeling festive and thought I’d share them to hopefully make you feel better about yourself – or, at least, to let a fellow ‘awkward momenter’ know that they are not alone!

Do you agree with the 65% of people surveyed, who have waved at the wrong person? What has been your most awkward moment recently? Let us know by joining the #AwkwardMoments discussion on our Facebook page!

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