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Big companies who made big changes

Big companies who made big changes

As many companies will tell you, market research is invaluable, and the best way to gather views is through paid online surveys. Products and services will only sell if there is a demand for it, and it will only continue to sell if the brand listens to its customers and adapts to the changing market.

Here are five famous examples of large corporations who listened to their customers by offering paid online surveys in exchange for opinions. Love them or hate them the brands have been extremely successful, and by listening to what their audience had to say via paid online surveys they made the necessary changes to stay on top.


The technology giant are big on market research, and they have been using paid online surveys for years to reach current and potential customers. They know exactly what their customers want and they deliver; constantly improving their products and releasing innovative new gadgets. Apple have often spoken about using surveys to modify designs – such as introducing bigger screens, shortcuts and improved video capturing. A true paid online survey success story!


Believe it or not, YouTube was initially setup by three famous internet entrepreneurs (Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim) as a video dating site. The company didn’t see much success initially – partly down to the overcrowded market. Customers fed back that it wasn’t new or innovative enough, and what they really wanted was somewhere reliable to save and share videos easily without having to rely on large attachments. Through continuing their market research and paid online surveys, the YouTube that we know and love today was born. Hurley, Chen and Karim are a great example of using market research to create not what they wanted to make but what their customers wanted to use.


Lego has been an iconic toy since it began manufacturing the little bricks in 1932. However, in a study conducted by the company they discovered that less than 10% of fans were female. In order to pitch to both genders, they undertook an in-depth market research study and created a brand new line called ‘LEGO Friends’. The bricks feature different colours, new figurines and new designs with great market success.


This is another great example of an idea (called ‘Burbn’ back then) being initially unsuccessful in an over-crowded market of smartphone apps. As a result of market research and paid online surveys, they stripped the idea back, removing many of the original features and re-branded it as a platform for simply sharing, commenting on and liking photos.


As one of the world’s largest fast food chains McDonald’s uses ongoing market research and paid online surveys to develop their products and to appeal to a wide audience. As well as re-designing their restaurants as a result of customer feedback, another change was to introduce healthier food to their menu. Their latest campaigns are designed to reassure customers that they food is made using real ingredients, plus they now offer alternatives in their children’s meals such as fruit slices and fruit juice.

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As these examples show, your input through paid online surveys and market research is invaluable. Companies of all sizes need to know what you have to say. And if they are sensible, they will listen to your ideas and act accordingly.

So how do you make yourself heard? Companies such as Opinion Outpost connect you directly to the decision-makers through paid online surveys. You get to voice your views, and make your influence, whilst earning some extra money in your spare time.

To find out more about how you could influence the brands you love, why not sign up and become a member of Opinion Outpost’s paid online survey panel?

Your opinion is important. It’s time to start having your say today.

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