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How to enjoy your extra leap year day!

Enjoy leap year by celebrating the extra day and don't forget to earn money online with paid surveys

It’s that special ‘extra’ day that only comes around every four years – so why not make the most of it? Here are five ideas to help you make the most of the extra day...

Make your Monday a fun day

29th February this year is a Monday (boo) but it needn’t be a normal Monday! If you ever needed an excuse to bring cake into the office, this is a great one. Why not hold a leap year bake-off, to find the next Nigella whilst you wolf down your colleagues’ cakes and biscuits? You could even dress up, to bring a bit of life into a drab Monday morning, or do something different for lunch that you wouldn’t normally do. Check out Bounce, Oxygen or even bring in a picnic.

Make a difference

We’re all busy, and finding time to raise money or help a charity isn’t always easy. But with your extra day, it’s the perfect time! If you are working try a sponsored silence, or set up an ‘unwanted Xmas gifts’ donation box to drop off at your local charity shop. If you can take the day off why not volunteer at your local animal shelter, food bank or hospital visiting group? Look out for posters locally about companionship for older people, or sign up to online volunteering sites such as Do-It.org. It may be the start of a regular way to give something back.

Fun family time

Even if you do it at the weekend, why not get the family together for some quality time? According to market research in the UK, 89% of people say that their favourite way to spend time off is with the family. Children will love an organised event where the adults act like big kids, and most adults will love it too. Setting up a simple sports day at home, or playing a game of football, will be fun for all ages. If it’s raining, why not all go swimming, or even puddle jumping together followed by hot chocolate in a home-made den? It doesn’t have to cost the earth and spending time together doing a shared activity will be rewarding.

Earn some cash

Why not use your day to earn money towards something you really want? Bag up all the clothes, toys and accessories that you no longer need and start selling them on an online auction site, or on your local Facebook selling site. You could sign up to Opinion Outpost’s panel to take online paid surveys whenever you have some spare time, and swap your ideas for earning cash the easy way. You could also do a bake sale, sell your old DVDs and CDs to an online store or even sell your old jewelry to a local jeweller. Check out Music Magpie or Cash 4 Gold to find out more about earning cash for your unwanted goods.

Go shopping!

If you’ve recently raised some extra money in your spare time, such as through taking online paid surveys, don’t forget to redeem your points for money or vouchers to put towards something special! Spring is just around the corner so it’s a great time to shop for a brand new outfit, the latest gadget, or something to spruce up your home. Why not get some inspiration in our WebShop, where you can exchange points earned through online surveys for a treat for yourself or someone else?

Whatever you do decide to do, please let us know! Find us on Facebook and don’t forget to ‘like’ and comment on our posts to be in with a chance of winning a £25 Amazon voucher. We always love to hear what you’ve got to say.

So whether you decide to earn money online, or splurge on something special, we hope you ‘leap’ for joy and have fun on your extra day!

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