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Making market research work for you

Making market research work for you. Have your say in paid surveys for money

Companies all over the world conduct market research to find out who uses their product or service, what customers like about them and how they can improve. All sorts of brands rely on paid market research to find out what people think, and to get feedback from the people who matter the most – you. Companies such as SSI are vital in making this happen, by connecting the companies to their consumers through paid market research surveys.

Taking part in market research can be a fun way to have your say and to help influence the brands and products that you use regularly. You may have some great ideas on how to improve your favourite gadgets, or you may feel strongly about what you like and what you don’t like. Either way, it is possible to have a real influence on your favourite products whilst getting paid for it!

Companies such as Opinion Outpost, QuickThoughts and OpinionWorld all offer paid online market research surveys that can be taken at home or on the go. As well as rewarding members for their time, they connect you directly to the decision-makers that matter.

If you’re thinking of signing up to take our paid market research surveys, or if you’re already a member, here’s a quick guide to what to do and what not to do when earning money online through paid online surveys:

What not to do when signing up for market research:

Register with a reputable market research company who will take your privacy seriously, so that you don’t receive spam into your inbox. Opinion Outpost has a strict privacy policy and clearly tell members which information they do and do not share.

Be realistic. The more free paid surveys you take part in the more money and rewards you will earn. Most people fit surveys in around their lifestyle, so this is not always their main source of income. However, if you qualify for and complete more paid surveys you could really see your rewards piling up and you could even enjoy a modest extra income.

Redeem your rewards. Don’t forget to redeem your rewards – you earned them! Sites such as Opinion Outpost and OpinionWorld have a low redemption level so you can start enjoying the benefits sooner. It’s free and simple to earn extra money online with paid market research at Opinion Outpost.

Refer a friend! Sharing the good news about online paid surveys helps to make peoples’ opinions heard, helps to shape the products of the future and means even more rewards!

What not to do:

Don’t sign up to a company that charges you for market research membership. There is no need to join a company who will charge you to take part – this is likely to be a scam. Opinion Outpost is free to join and you can take part as often or as little as you like.

Don’t fabricate answers. It may be tempting to take part in as many paid surveys as possible by making up answers but you are likely to be screened out of surveys, wasting your time and giving inaccurate data. Companies rely upon honest market research to assist them with future products so it’s important that they receive truthful answers

Don’t forget your earnings may be taxable. Many people maximise their earnings by taking part in paid online surveys whilst working from home, and the rewards can really stack up. Don’t forget though that if you already have an income over the minimum threshold that your survey earnings will be taxable. Contact your solicitor or the tax office for more information.

Signing up for paid online surveys in the UK can be fun, rewarding and exciting. By sharing your opinions in paid market research surveys you can help to shape the products and services of the future whilst also topping up your earnings. Find out more by signing up for FREE today.

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