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Why privacy is important in paid online surveys

Why privacy is important in paid online surveys. Enjoy the best surveys online and earn extra money

Unfortunately, spam is a fact of life for internet users. A recent online paid survey found that 52% of people surveyed considered spam ‘a major problem’. Statistics say that spam even accounts for anywhere between 45% and 73% of all emails sent. It’s annoying, it’s time consuming and some of it could even be fraudulent. So what can we do about it?

Here are five top tips to help you to reduce spam in your inbox:

  • Add a junk filter. Many providers, such as Microsoft’s Outlook and Gmail offer specific folders and spam filters to help automatically sift through the spam from the serious.
  • When you buy or exchange money online, be aware of the privacy boxes at the bottom of the page. You may want to hear from that company itself, but beware of an auto-ticked box that signs you up to affiliate companies at the same time
  • Set up a second email address just for your online activity. If it’s not your main address you will be far less bothered by unwanted emails getting in the way when you’re trying to work.
  • Never open an attachment if you are not sure who it’s from. ActionFraud have some great articles and examples of how to avoid scams and phishing emails.
  • Check a company’s privacy policy before you share your details with them.

At Opinion Outpost, we take your privacy extremely seriously. We have a dedicated privacy policy and we are committed to keeping your details safe, so that you can focus on earning extra money through paid surveys and taking the best surveys online. When you sign up with us, and start taking online paid surveys, we will ask you to supply details about you which are used for our demographic information – which helps us to find the best surveys online to suit you. We won’t share your name or contact details with the companies whom you are giving feedback on, so they will never try to get in touch with you or sell you a product or service after sharing your feedback through us in our paid surveys. We also promise never to sell your details onto third parties, so you won’t receive spam as a result of joining Opinion Outpost. You’ll just earn great rewards, enjoy some extra income and take part in the best surveys online to suit you with our paid market research.

Our strict privacy promise is just one of the reasons why we are trusted by our members all over the world. We believe that you have a right to share your opinions within a safe, secure online environment, so that you can influence the brands that matter to you through online paid surveys.

If you’re not already a member, join us now and start taking part in secure online paid surveys in exchange for cash and rewards. Make your opinions work for you, and get paid for sharing your ideas in your spare time!   

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