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OOUK challenge: Can you earn online too?

Earn online with paid market research surveys. Can you make money from home and get paid?

Is it really possible to earn online with Opinion Outpost’s paid surveys? We speak to one busy Mum who is doing just that.

Earn online with the Opinion Outpost Challenge

It’s a rainy afternoon in the suburbs and Elaine*, a working Mum of one, has just dropped her son off at the local pre-school. She starts up her computer, makes a cup of tea and sits down to start earning money online whilst she has a bit of spare time.

We challenged her to sign up to Opinion Outpost to try taking paid surveys which fit in around her lifestyle. Here’s how she got on with the Opinion Outpost Challenge.

Paid surveys to earn online – really?

At first, our volunteer was sceptical. “I’d signed up to a survey site before when I was a student, and I never really trusted the site as I suddenly started receiving all this spam in my inbox. So I stopped doing it and never bothered to claim my earnings as I was loathed to give them my bank account details. So, when I found out that Opinion Outpost have a privacy policy and they won’t sell on my details, I thought I’d give it a go.”

“Signing up was really easy. I filled out the little form at the top of their website and then they emailed me with simple instructions. You can just complete the basics if you’re short of time (I had to get off to work, as I work 3 days a week, but I know I can come back later and fill out more information about me). I have a few specialist skills so by completing this information I know I can get more surveys specific to my experience.”

“The very next day I saw I had an email to say there was a survey available, so I took it! It was really interesting actually – all about the programmes I watch on catch-up and the most recent films I have streamed – so it was actually interesting to fill out. I liked that my views are going back to the company I stream my favourite series through, so hopefully they might add even more in the future! I then clicked into my Account and saw there was another survey waiting for me too, which was about a chain of hotels. I love travelling so this was an easy one too!”

“For the next 10 days I just tried to take a little survey when I had a few spare minutes. So I took one after I put my boy to bed, one when I was early to work one day (unusual for me!) and if my son took a surprise nap (which sadly doesn’t happen very often)! I didn’t take many surveys but then I decided to look at my Account. I was really pleased!”

“After just those few online surveys I was able to redeem my rewards! Apparently Opinion Outpost let you redeem your points earlier than many other sites, which was good for me as I really needed to get a birthday present for my Mum. It was so easy! I decided to exchange my points for cash (which comes through PayPal, so I didn’t even have to share my bank details with anyone) and then I put it towards her favourite flowers and chocolates! Thank you, Opinion Outpost! You made my busy month of birthdays quite a bit cheaper than usual!”

An easy and flexible way to earn online

“I’d say it’s very easy to earn online with paid surveys at Opinion Outpost. You just log in whenever you want and look for the latest surveys. If you’re feeling a bit hard up one month, it’s a great way to earn online during time I’d otherwise just be wasting watching TV or flicking through social media. The best part is that you aren’t committed to anything. I work late sometimes, and go to an exercise class and often have family round, so to be able to earn online when I want to is such a bonus. I don’t take part as often as I’d like, but for a few minutes of your time it’s a great way to earn a bit of extra money. At the moment I’m saving up my points for a necklace I’ve seen on Amazon, and a toy Gruffalo for my little boy! But I’m crossing my fingers I might even win the £5,000 cash prize for a holiday. Who knows – I’m feeling lucky this month!”

Have you managed to earn online in your spare time yet? Take the Opinion Outpost Challenge and see if you can earn money and vouchers to spend on yourself or your loved ones! It’s fast and simple to sign up to earn online with our paid surveys. Have your say and earn online the easy way, with Opinion Outpost UK!

*name changed for privacy reasons

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