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Get paid online and beat Blue Monday!

Turn Blue Monday into brilliant Monday by getting paid online with surveys for cash

Monday 16th January is known as ‘Blue Monday’ in the UK. But it’s not all doom and gloom – here’s how to brighten your day AND get paid online.

Why do surveys say it’s Blue Monday?

First of all, what is all this Blue Monday stuff anyway? Blue Monday is supposed to officially be ‘the most depressing day of the year’ in the UK. But why? According to online surveys and reports, the day was created by psychologist Dr Cliff Arnall. He developed a formula to work out the most melancholy day of the year. It was: [W+(D-d)]xTQ/MxNA – W is weather, D is debt, d is monthly salary, T time since Christmas, Q time since failing to stick to a resolution, M stands for low motivational level and NA represents the need to take action. So about as clear as mud really.

Today, this seems to mean that every retailer harps on about Blue Monday meaning saving a few pennies whilst you buy up old stock. But who can blame them really – they want to avoid having their own Blue Monday, after all!

Here at Opinion Outpost, we think Blue Monday is just a state of mind. If you do feel a bit down about the weather, the length of time to your next Christmas party (and what feels even longer to wait until your next pay slip arrives) – here are a few ways to help brighten up a boring week.

Get paid online instead of spending

The highstreet may be calling, but let’s not forget a huge factor in the alleged ‘Blue Monday’ formula – lack of cash for a lot of people. Instead, why not dig deep and find any money or rewards that might be owed to you? Check your Account at Opinion Outpost and redeem your rewards – you could earn cash and get paid online via PayPal, or choose shopping vouchers if you do want to hit the sales. Got any loyalty cards or store cards? Check if you’ve accrued any rewards or cashback over the last few months and claim them! Check down the back of the sofa, pull out the penny jar and ask your colleague for that £10 back that they owe you. You may feel a bit mean but it’s time to tighten the purse strings if you’re feeling blue about the lack of cash.

And whilst we’re on the subject – what better time to beat the Monday blues than by earning cash and getting paid online with our fun and flexible paid surveys! Look no further than Opinion Outpost for the best market research surveys to suit you. Have your say and earn extra income today!

Turn Blue Monday into brilliant Monday

Once you’ve earned extra cash in your spare time, and taken a few minutes to get paid online, why not make the most out of the start of a new week? Organise a few games in your lunch hour, take a bracing walk outside or pick up the phone and call an old friend. If you’re short of time, look up your favourite clip on YouTube, do something kind for a stranger or even do the tea round twice. If you can put a smile on your face as well as someone else’s then that’s pretty much Blue Monday conquered!

What do you think about Blue Monday? Do you feel down during mid January or is it all just a load of hot (or cold) air? Join the discussion on our Facebook page, and get involved in all sorts of exciting paid surveys at Opinion Outpost UK. We love helping you get paid online and earning money in your spare time – any day of the week!

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