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Online surveys say: don't write off 2016

How online surveys say 2016 wasn't all bad. Have your say in paid surveys for cash at OOUK

I’ve heard a few people exclaim how grateful they are that 2016 is over. But, according to a few positive online surveys, it wasn’t all bad.

2016 will always go down in history as a pretty challenging year of disaster and of bad fortune for many. It was the year of Brexit, Trump and one which said farewell to some of the biggest and brightest stars in music, acting and comedy. Many of us said goodbye to lots that we liked and loved in 2016. But I’d like to start the new year (and end the old one) remembering some of the good things that a select few online surveys have recently reminded us of. Here are a few favourites:

Online surveys said tiger populations increased

2016 was a good year for wild tigers. According to national and online surveys, WWF’s 2010 estimate of 3,200 tigers in the wild rose to 3,890 in 2016. Go tigers!

Online surveys said pandas are no longer endangered

More great news on the wildlife front – in 2016 WWF welcomed the news from the latest online surveys on pandas that they are no longer considered ‘endangered’. Their populations are still ‘vulnerable’, so it’s important for conservationsists to keep on doing their valuable work, but a 17% rise in numbers in the wild was certainly positive news for all.

Online surveys on science

2016 saw some hugely exciting scientific breakthroughs. Amongst the highlights were the downgrading of the Zika virus as it is no longer considered a global threat, plus there were some amazing medical advances towards a real cure for HIV. Plus, although it was considered a ridiculous fad of 2016 by many (according online surveys), the Ice Bucket Challenge really did help with the research into ALS by raising enough money to help identify the NEK1 gene with a view towards finding an eventual cure.

Online surveys help to highlight microbeads

If you read our previous articles on the results from online surveys into the potential risks of microbeads, there was a real breakthrough on this front in 2016. According to the BBC, microbeads are to be banned in the UK this year following online survey research into the risks towards the environment and human health. The power of online survey research!

Online surveys’ favourite feel-good story of 2016

Finally, a favourite of online surveys and Twitter polls of 2016: Jeremy the Mutant Snail finally found love. A national campaign to find a mate for the ‘ultra rare’ snail was conducted over Twitter, as poor old Jeremy had an unusual anti-clockwise shell which meant he couldn’t mate. Thankfully though the internet came up trumps and found ‘Lefty’, his new BFF. #snaillove!

It may have been a year full of tragedy, loss and uncertainty – but we surely can’t write the entire year off. Plenty of smaller good things happened too, which weren’t present in the online surveys. Nearly 700,000 children in the UK learned to walk. Plenty of people bought houses, got new jobs and graduated. And some even won the lottery.

Although the online surveys across the year do paint a rather bleak picture overall, good things happened too. Let’s hope we can focus on the positives, and get 2017 off to a flying start.

What do you think? Was 2017 all bad, or did good things happen to you too? Do you think online surveys about how we feel about the year overall are accurate? Join the discussion on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to have your say and earn cash through the latest paid online surveys at Opinion Outpost UK.

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