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Paid surveys say men are more likely to gossip!

Paid surveys say men are the gossips! Earn money from home with paid surveys

Many of us are aware of the stereotype of women gossiping together – but according to paid surveys in the UK it’s men who love to dish the dirt.

The paid surveysasked a group of over 1000 adults about what they like to discuss at home and at work. The UK survey revealed that a fifth of men spend at least three hours a day gossiping! The majority of this gossip time took place at work, and top subjects (according to the paid surveys) were female colleagues and those who are in line for a promotion.

The paid surveys revealed that 10% of men love to have a good old gossip, compared to only 4% of women. The online poll also found that it is men who are more likely to spread rumours – especially around the office.

Other results from paid surveys on gossip showed that discussing other colleagues at the water cooler can be detrimental to productivity, yet others feel it helps to build intimacy by finding shared interests. An article about a gossipy friendship not being a good one certainly divided readers of the Huffington Post. Clearly being able to have a good old natter about mutual friends and work colleagues is important to a lot of people and isn’t necessarily seen as a negative thing by everyone.

For now, though, we can do away with the stereotype of women gossiping over the garden fence. The paid surveys reveal that you’re much more likely to see men leaning over a keyboard dishing the dirt. And if you can’t beat ‘em, well you may as well join ‘em. After all, you might just find out who is going to be your new boss – apparently.

What do you think? Do the paid surveys surprise you, or do you agree that men are the biggest gossips? Let us know by joining in the discussion on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to earn money online by sharing your views through paid surveys for cash at Opinion Outpost UK. We always love having a good old chin wag!

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