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Take back Valentine's Day with I Love Me Day!

A third of the UK are single, so take back 14th feb for yourself and celebrate I Love Me Day with OOUK! Take paid surveys and treat yourself

We love you just the way you are. So why not forget the fluff and re-claim 14th Feb for yourself, with Opinion Outpost UK.

According to a paid survey in the UK, we spend around £600 million as a nation on Valentine’s Day gifts and cards, with an average amount of £40 forked out on flowers. Well, here at Opinion Outpost UK we want to change the way we think about 14th February by encouraging members to take paid surveys and earn their own rewards for themselves. If you ARE feeling the love, why not use the cash for surveys that you’ve earned to treat yourself to a new gadget, by redeeming your points for Amazon.co.uk Gift Vouchers*, or download the latest album you love by using your points for fabulous iTunes Gift Vouchers**?

The paid survey also revealed that 69% of men said they will spend Valentine’s Day alone. And with online surveys now saying that a third of the UK are now single, is it really necessary to mark Valentine’s Day at all? If we’re in a relationship we may feel forced to spend money on frivolous gifts, and if we’re single we can be made to feel unloved and inadequate.

Which is why, here at Opinion Outpost, we're taking back Valentine's Day as a special reason to celebrate all things that are great about YOU in our ‘I Love Me Day’ campaign!

Why wait for that perfect pair of earrings, or a flimsy card in the post? 15% of American women taking a paid survey admitted to sending themselves their own flowers on 14th February – and we think enough is enough! You are awesome EVERY day, so why not treat yourself rather than spending money on things you (or they) don’t necessarily want?

We celebrate every individual at Opinion Outpost. What makes you YOU is why we need your ideas in our paid surveys! And what better time to shun social traditions than 14th Feb - by using your rewards and points to treat yourself! Take a look at our campaign and get inspired.

If you’re happily single, or even in a relationship, why not take our latest paid surveys and have your say? There’s still time to earn enough points to really treat yourself on or around 14th February as an ‘I Love Me Day’!

Why not take the girls out shopping, by exchanging your rewards for cash, which you earned through taking paid surveys? Treat the family to lunch out by redeeming points in our WebShop, or treat your mates to a trip to the cinema with your reward earnings.

And if you’d rather stay in and avoid all the high Valentine’s Day prices, you could exchange your rewards for iTunes Gift Cards** to refresh your playlist, or Amazon.co.uk gift cards* to buy your favourite film to enjoy on a cozy night in (even if it is cuddled up with the cat).

The most important thing to remember on ‘I Love Me Day’ is that you are one in a million, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re happily single or all hooked up! Because, when it comes down to it, we are all single individuals with unique qualities. Which is why we love you just the way you are.

Carry on sharing your opinions in our paid surveys and earn the rewards you really want! Don't hang around waiting for Mr or Mrs Right - take back Valentine's Day and celebrate 'I Love Me Day' with us instead! Find out more about our campaign here!

Start taking paid surveys and let us know what you'd love to buy yourself with the rewards you've earned via our Facebook page. We hope you enjoy taking a paid survey soon, and choosing the reward you really want this February!

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