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How to redeem your rewards from paid surveys

How to redeem rewards at OOUK. You could earn extra income and make money online in your spare time

It’s great having your say on the brands you love – but the best bit is earning your rewards! Here’s how to redeem rewards which you earn online.

Opinion Outpost offers a fantastic selection of reward options for our members, and it’s simple and fun to earn online in your spare time. We like to give you a choice – so you can choose to earn cash online, via PayPal, or choose to earn vouchers for top brands to spend online. Here are some of the rewards you can look forward to earning with Opinion Outpost.

Redeem rewards which YOU love

We have a wide choice of rewards which you can earn online through our fun paid surveys. Our rewards include: earning cash (via PayPal), Amazon.co.uk Gift cards*, iTunes Gift Cards** and Spotify vouchers. So if you love movies, games and music these vouchers make great gifts for yourself, or for loved ones. There really is something for everyone. We also have a dedicated WebShop, where you can convert points into presents! With a list of big names, including Argos, Boots, Mothercare and many more, you’ll be spoiled for choice on what to spend your earnings on! We’ve teamed up with top companies to offer everything from travel to toys, meals out to matinee shows, so by exchanging your earnings for rewards from our WebShop you can look forward to a world of exciting treats!

Some of our members choose to save their points up to redeem rewards for larger amounts, and some choose to redeem rewards more frequently. It’s entirely up to you – just don’t forget to keep checking your Account for your current balance, and carry on taking paid surveys to earn cash and gift vouchers online in your spare time!

How to redeem rewards

We are proud to have a low redemption level of just 250 points – so you can start earning online rewards sooner with Opinion Outpost! Simply log into your Account to view your points balance at any time. It’s here where you can choose to redeem rewards – simply follow the on screen instructions to choose how you earn and redeem rewards.

It’s simple and fast to redeem rewards at Opinion Outpost. And don’t forget you’ll earn points for every online paid survey you complete – so you’ll soon build up those earnings! The hardest part will be deciding what to spend it on!

Got questions or suggestions about redeeming your rewards? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via our website, or by direct messaging us through our Facebook page. One of our friendly team members will get back to you as soon as possible. We hope you enjoy earning money online and other rewards with secure paid surveys at Opinion Outpost UK.

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