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Tips to create a strong password for risk free surveys

Risk free surveys with no spam! Here's how to have a strong password & stay safe when taking paid market research & earning online

Part of our privacy policy is to offer our panellists assurance that we will keep your details safe. But how can you help to enjoy risk free surveys?

At Opinion Outpost we take your privacy seriously, and we want to help you protect yourself online, especially when you take our paid surveys in exchange for earning cash and rewards. Here are some top tips to help you stay safe online – to keep enjoying stress free surveys as well as staying secure elsewhere on the net.

How to create a strong password for risk free surveys and online accounts

Experts recommend that you always have unique passwords for every online account you have. Make it something not easy to guess (dates of birth, anniversary dates and pet or children’s names are usually a big no no – essentially anything that can be found on any social media account or other published information is easy for fraudsters to find). A strong mix of letters, numbers and symbols make the most difficult to crack passwords. So for example; instead of using ‘Survey123’, try ‘5urv3y?2*’. Finally, consider changing your passwords regularly, for maximum safety online, and only log into secure sites on your own devices (rather than shared computers, if you can help it).

Changing your password for risk free surveys online

At Opinion Outpost, we also recommend that you change your password sporadically. It’s unlikely that your Account could be hacked, but it will help to protect your personal information online as well as the rewards and gift cards which you have earned. Every time you log in to your Account, we will ask you for your password and unique login details. If you would like to change your password at any time, simply log in as normal on the site, then navigate to ‘Profile’ (under the ‘dashboard’ drop down list at the top). Then click on the red ‘change password’ button which will pop up. Simply follow the instructions on screen; you will be asked for your current password, as a security measure, then asked for your new password before clicking ‘save’. Try to use the tips above, to create a strong password to help you continue to enjoy risk free surveys online!

Sadly, online fraud happens all too often but it is possible to take risk free surveys, and use online shopping and banking as securely as you can, by keeping your details safe and secure. Never tell anyone your logins, never write them down in your phone or notebook, and try to memorise each individual password. There are even apps which can help you securely save your passwords for risk free surveys and online banking – find out more by clicking here. In the meantime - here’s to staying safe online, and enjoying earning cash for paid market research in your spare time!

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