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UK surveys say men don't talk about health

UK surveys show that most men don't discuss their health. Share your thoughts for cash in paid surveys in the UK

According to UK surveys, many men just aren’t great at talking about their health – which may well be putting their health at risk.

Another recent US and UK survey of 500 men found that the majority of the men taking part in the online survey had no idea how often they should undergo vital health checks. Over half didn’t know the age which made them more susceptible to heart problems, and up to 20% of the men taking the survey did not know what a Urologist is.

Indeed, a separate UK survey, published by the BBC, revealed that nearly twice as many men as women had not visited their GP in the past year. Evidence from the UK survey also suggests fewer men go to dentists or ask the pharmacist for advice and information, or attend contraception clinics, although men are statistically more likely to end up in hospital because they delay for so long – according to the UK surveys by the Everyman Male Cancer Campaign.

Why do UK surveys say men don’t discuss health?

There are a few theories as to why men, in particular, don’t like to discuss their health. Firstly, many of their possible problem areas are considered taboo, and perhaps they don’t feel like they can talk about it as personally as some women can with their friends and family. Another theory is that women generally access healthcare from an earlier age – such as with contraception, cervical screening and childbirth – and it seems more of a ‘norm’ for them. After the US and UK surveys were published some experts also blamed ignorance – for example there is plenty of publicity for women’s health screening programmes but fewer for men – but this is about to change.

How UK surveys are changing health advertising

In response to the US and UK survey results, new campaigns have emerged to encourage more men to talk about their health and to visit their GP if they have any concerns. The Everyman Male Cancer Campaign has run some successful testicular cancer publications, and there are more in the pipeline. In America they also have a new ‘MENtion it’ campaign running.

The campaigns are a great start to promoting discussions about health and getting any concerns checked out by a professional. Education is the key - to better communication and early detection of possible symptoms. If the UK surveys are anything to go by, it is largely embarrassment that prevents many men from visiting the GP. But trust me boys – they have seen it all before. Your long term health is more important than a few moments of unease.

What do you think about the US and UK surveys on men’s health? Do men really put off going to the GP more than women? If so, why? Join the discussion on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to earn money online by sharing your opinions through paid surveys for cash at Opinion Outpost UK.

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