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5 ways to earn extra money online

5 ways to earn extra money online

We’d all like to earn extra money from time to time, such as when we’re saving for something special, have a new arrival or at Christmas. Believe it or not it is possible to top up your income, or even make a modest living, by using some innovative ways to make money online.

As more and more people have access to tablets and smartphones, making online access possible both at home and on the move, this offers even more opportunities to get connected and to start earning extra money online in any spare time you have.

People are, of course, naturally wary about scams that may convince you to ‘get rich quick’ but here are some tried and tested ways to legitimately earn extra money online without even leaving the comfort of your sofa.

  1. Share your opinions though paid online surveys
  2. As long as you have access to the internet and either a tablet, computer or smartphone, you can take part in paid surveys and earn extra money online and/or vouchers for leading retailers. By signing up to take part in paid market research surveys you will be rewarded for sharing your opinions on everything from food shopping to hotels and even your favourite TV programmes. More and more people are signing up to become part of free online survey panels to earn extra money online, as it’s something that can be done from home, when commuting, or whenever you have some spare time. As well as helping to influence future products and services you can also enjoy earning cash rewards. Opinion Outpost is a tried and tested global panel that is free to sign up to, and you can take paid surveys and starting to earn extra money as soon as you register. Plus you’ll be entered to win a cash prize after every paid survey you take part in.

  3. Discover cashback sites
  4. It sounds almost too good to be true, but there are plenty of safe and secure cashback sites around now which offer cash rewards and help you to earn extra money online simply by clicking through their website onto the site that you would normally buy from. It’s that simple. Rewards take time to build up but it’s an easy way to earn some extra income without having to do anything more than a couple of extra clicks each time you shop online.

  5. Start a blog
  6. This one isn’t guaranteed to pay off, but by starting your own blog and sharing your thoughts you can soon build up followers which can lead to advertising, sponsorship and free samples being sent your way. Free blogging sites such as Wordpress are a great place to start, and can reach global audiences if you’re keen to make extra money online. If you are a budding writer this is an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills. Who knows, by reaching the right audience this could even be the start of a new career!

  7. Go under cover
  8. Customer service is at the forefront of most businesses, and companies both large and small are keen to employ secret shoppers to get paid to go into their stores. The work can be infrequent and is sometimes paid in vouchers rather than cash, but if you’ve ever fancied yourself as a bit of a detective this is a great one to try in your free time. Just look online for your favourite brands who may be currently recruiting. After shopping, you can also get paid to write reviews of a shop or service. Search for companies who are free to join and can offer this service to their clients.

  9. 5. Sell your stuff to make extra money
  10. Ever wondered what you should do with that ancient lamp in the loft, or with your old stamp collection that you no longer want? Sell it online and earn some extra cash! There are a vast selection of auction and selling sites that mean you don’t even have to get it valued before it can be sold. Simply take some decent photographs, add as much information as you can and wait for your buyers to come forward. Even if you don’t think you have anything of value to sell, consider old jewellery, clothes, baby toys, bikes, and even car parking spaces or storage in your home – these can all be rented or sold online.You could even ‘up-cycle’ your old furniture and sell it for an even bigger profit, starting your own small online business to make extra money online. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, so re-cycle the modern way, clear some space and enjoy the extra money.

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