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Shopping and sharing: a guide to paid surveys

Shopping and sharing: a guide to paid surveys

A popular new way to earn extra money in your spare time is through sharing your opinion, in exchange for rewards, in online surveys. If you fancy some spare cash, or you’re more interested in vouchers for your favourite online stores, taking part in online paid surveys is simple, fun and can be done at a time that suits you. If you’re new to this innovative way to top-up your earnings, here is a quick guide to tell you all you need to know.

What are online surveys?

Online surveys are designed to gather the views and opinions of various different people in order to let a company know what their target market might think of them. This may be in relation to a product, a service, or whether their advertising appeals to an audience. Those who take part can share their views through paid online surveys and enjoy the rewards companies are willing to offer in exchange for their time. Sites such as OpinionWorld and Opinion Outpost inform their members before they take part how long the survey will take and what the rewards are for each completed survey.

How do I earn money?

Taking part in paid surveys is a flexible and easy way to earn some extra money online. You can take as many surveys as you qualify for, whenever you want, so they can be fitted in around work or family commitments. You can often take them on the go if you have a smartphone or tablet. Paid surveys vary greatly in their subjects, so you can expect a wide variety, and it gives you the opportunity to share your views directly with some of the leading companies whilst earning money and rewards for your time.

So, whether you’re new to paid surveys, or if you’re already taking part, here are our top tips to make the most out of taking surveys online:

  • Register with a reputable company who will take your privacy seriously. Just because you sign up to taking surveys online does not mean you should expect to receive spam as a result. Opinion Outpost has a strict privacy policy and clearly outlines which information is and is not shared.
  • Some companies may charge a fee to join. There is no need to sign up to a company who will charge you a fee for your membership and, understandably, many people are unhappy about sharing their bank details online. OpinionWorld and Opinion Outpost do not charge for membership and you can take part whenever you choose – you are not obliged to take a certain number of surveys at any time and if you choose to earn money (rather than vouchers) this will be paid securely through PayPal.
  • Stay connected. Make sure you register your primary email address when you sign up so that you can receive invitations to take part in surveys. Also, don’t forget to log in to the website frequently to view the latest surveys – surveys fill up quickly so by checking back regularly to see which surveys are available means you will be in with a chance of earning more rewards.
  • Maximise your profile. Professional companies, such as Opinion Outpost and Opinion Rewards Club, have optional profile surveys that mean they can help screen you for the surveys that will be most relevant to you. This will mean fewer missed opportunities to take part in paid surveys and more rewards for you.
  • Check your emails (and profile) regularly. It’s as important to keep your profile updated when there’s a change in your life as it is to keep an eye on your inbox for exciting new survey opportunities. That way you can make sure you receive a more tailor-made survey-taking experience. Also, don’t forget to log in regularly to the site to check how many rewards you have earned for your opinions!
  • Use your time wisely. Most companies cannot guarantee a specific number of surveys that will be applicable to you at any one time, and the rewards do vary, depending on the survey. A good idea is to check back regularly to see which surveys are available and aim to earn little and often. It helps to use a mobile device when you are out and about, and try to fit surveys in around your lifestyle (such as when you are on the train, or waiting for a bus). Turn your downtime into earning time!

Above all, enjoy the experience of sharing your opinions with the companies that matter to you. Your valued views can have a real impact, and, in turn, you could find yourself with some extra cash towards those much-needed purchases. Log in to see the latest surveys available, and to redeem your rewards, or sign up for FREE if you’re not already a member.

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