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Comeback kings queens and jesters

Comeback kings, queens (and jesters)

    Let's face it, we've all had a bad day at the office before. Unfortunately pop music and the movie world are pretty unforgiving, and sometimes well-meaning famous comebacks can turn into infamous failures. A recent online survey revealed that most people want to see once well-known celebrities make a comeback, but sadly not all of these are successful. Making a comeback is notoriously tricky, and here are a few classic comeback hits (and misses) which made the headlines.

  1. Top of the pops
  2. U2. Veteran stadium rockers U2 could rarely do wrong in the eyes (or ears) of their fans, but after achieving world domination their 1997 techno-dance album ‘Pop' was panned by critics and the general public, so the boys decided to take a break. Luckily for us, their return album ‘All That You can't Leave Behind' was a smash hit, with industry experts and online surveys voting it their third masterpiece.

    Tina Turner. She'll always be one of the ultimate divas, but sadly Tina's two albums after splitting from Ike Turner were commercial failures. But in 1984, when most had written Tina off as a faded starlet, she was back with a huge bang when she released ‘Private Dancer'. Every song on the album was a hit and it has since sold over 11 million copies. Go Tina!

    Justin Timberlake. From boy star to *NSYNC frontman to super solo star, JT has had a truly amazing career so far. He then switched his talents to acting, with both serious and comedy roles in 'The Social Network' and ‘FWB', and stopped making records for a few years. Recently voted in an online survey as Most Stylish Man, and with the release of fantastic new song ‘Can't Stop The Feeling', we can't help but be glad Justin is (sexy)back.

  3. Top of the flops
  4. Vanilla Ice. After the unforgettable ‘Ice Ice Baby' poor old Vanilla (real name Robert Matthew Van Winkle) has since attempted several major comebacks which did not go down well. Maybe he'll have the last laugh though, as he has his own show on the DIY network.

    East 17. Poor East 17. Being huge in the 90s, topping online fan polls and a 1994 Christmas No.1 turned into a depleted line-up with only 30 people attending one of their latest comeback gigs in 2015. With feuds, financial woes and that car incident involving Brian and the potatoes, East 17 failed to make a splash when they featured on ITV's ‘The Reunion'. Maybe they'll have better luck on their next comeback.

    No Doubt. Many people didn't even know No Doubt came back with 2012 album ‘Push and Shove'. After classic 90s hit ‘Don't Speak', Gwen and her team failed to set the album charts alight and the second single ‘Looking Hot' hit 397 in the singles chart. They even appeared on The X Factor, with Gwen Stefani regaling the experience by commenting “I have to say, it's no fun”. Gwen, we hope, will soon make a comeback with her own superstar solo career.

  5. Movie magic
  6. ‘Ocean's Eleven'. When George Clooney led his all-star team in the 2001 re-make of the 1960s film, many critics were nervous. However, the film took over $38 million in its opening weekend, and it is arguably far better than the original. Online surveys have since praised it as the most successful on-screen heist of the decade.

    ‘True Grit'. The 2010 re-make of the 1969 John Wayne movie was an astounding success. The stunning lead performance of Hailee Steinfeld, with the tell-tale Coen Brothers style of directing, landed the film 10 well-earned Oscar nominations as well as making a fair bit of money (over $300 million).

    ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo'. We didn't think it could get much better than the 2009 Swedish version, but – by gum- it did. With the brilliant Rooney Mara starring, and an interesting stylistic take on the original, it did justice to Stieg Larsson's novel. .

  7. Movie tragic
  8. ‘Miami Vice'. Some franchises should just be kept in the past. The financial failure of Colin Farrell's 2006 re-make led to the actor going into rehab. Colin's co-star, Jamie Fox, has since had much more movie success away from the Vice.

    Loonie Tunes'. Despite the promising line-up of Steve Martin, Jenna Elfman and Brendan Fraser the 2003 re-boot of ‘Looney Tunes – Back in Action' was a serious flop and lost a lot of money. It cost over $80 million to create and only made $20 million at the box office. I bet Daffy Duck really had something to say about that.

    ‘Herbie'. The resurrection of Herbie proved to be bit of a disaster. The film had a series of problems when it was being made, leading to the sacking of the lead writers, which may be why critics have described it as ‘unwatchable'. The film starred Lindsay Lohan when she was at the peak of her career, so let's hope both Lindsay and Herbie both manage to make a successful (seperate) comeback soon.

Which is your favourite movie re-make? Do you love your favourite band even more since their return? We'd love to hear from you! Join the discussion on Facebook and let us know what you think. Plus, don't forget to have your say in our latest paid surveys at Opinion Outpost UK.

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