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EU opinion poll results: the undecided will decide it

EU opinion poll results: the undecided will decide it, says our paid survey

With less than 2 weeks to go before the EU referendum, 10,000 told us what you really thought about the EU referendum in our latest paid survey.

The opinion poll conducted by Opinion Outpost UK reveals that the demographic of the voter turnout will prove to be the decisive factor in the overall result.

The online paid survey highlighted that the opinion of staying in the EU versus leaving the EU was clearly polarised by age. Two thirds of under 24s surveyed said they planned to vote ‘in’, compared to just one third of over those aged over 65. Only one in six people aged under 24 planned to vote ‘out’ as opposed to more than half of the 65+ demographic who said they will vote to leave, according to our opinion poll.


InfographicAccording to the results from our paid survey, older people are much more likely to cast their vote. Of those aged 65 and over, who took part in the online survey, nearly all said they planned to vote - versus just under two thirds of under 24s who are planning to be at the ballot box. With overall opinion upon whether we should stay or leave remaining fairly close, what may well decide the result is whether younger people turn out to vote or not on June 23rd.

Another key result from the paid survey showed that there are still a relatively high proportion of undecided voters. 1 in 5 under 34s said they had not yet made up their minds, whereas fewer than 1 in 20 of the over 65s hadn’t yet decided.

According to the opinion poll, very few people are swayed by the view of people in the public eye, despite plenty of media coverage on the opinions of politicians and celebrities. Two thirds said that politicians and public figures stating their views does not affect how they will vote. Only a quarter of people surveyed said this did affect their decision

Also worth noting was the majority of people taking part in the opinion poll said that David Cameron’s proposed package of reform did not affect how they will vote. Only one in ten said it made them more likely to vote ‘in’, with the same amount saying it actually made them more likely to vote ‘out’. One in five did not know what the package entailed.

The paid survey showed that people are fairly evenly split on their views on whether 16 and 17 year olds should be able to vote in the referendum. 45% said they should not be allowed to, yet 43% said they should be able to and one in ten did not know. Perhaps unexpectedly, the percentages were significantly higher for giving under 18s the vote in the younger age categories.

Sylvia Szely, Digital Marketing Manager for Opinion Outpost UK, said: “We are really pleased that more than 10,000 of our panellists have shared their current opinion on the British EU referendum with us. This is a substantial amount of data. Whilst a majority say that Britain should remain with the EU there is a large part who are still undecided, and 1 in 5 have not made up their minds yet. The final outcome of the referendum will be determined by this undecided 20%.”

As the online paid survey shows, the referendum subject is certainly one which divides opinion; particularly between younger and older people. Whilst it’s clear that more young people want to stay in the EU, fewer of these potential voters are expected to cast their vote. The ‘undecided’ in this case include both those who do not know how they will vote as well as those who do not know if they will vote. With opinion poll results showing that we won’t be swayed by public figures, whether the under 24s decide to turn out and vote will, undoubtedly, decide the overall outcome.

We eagerly await the results of what actually happens on June 23rd, and we would like to thank you for having your say in our paid online survey here at Opinion Outpost UK. Don’t forget to have your say today in our latest paid surveys and opinion polls, and earn money online in your spare time. If you’re not yet a member you can sign up for FREE and start taking part.

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