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Making the most out of bank holiday

Making the most out of bank holiday, and how paid surveys say we spend it

According to a recent survey by the Met Office, us Brits secretly want the weather to be bad on bank holiday so that we can relax and stay at home. Over half of the adults surveyed said they actually prefer it to rain on bank holiday, so that we can enjoy our favourite TV programmes whilst parked on the sofa. 42% of people surveyed even said they used the weather as an excuse not to attend a social event.

With May bank holiday weather as varied as 31 degrees one year, to snow being forecast the year before, springtime in the UK is a traditionally unreliable affair. So, with this in mind, it may be wise to postpone the BBQ and ditch those picnics for now. Here are our top five suggestions to help make the most out of your extra day:

  1. Go local for free.
  2. Keep an eye out on websites and local Facebook groups for fairs, festivals and events happening near you. If it’s a washout then you can always do something else on the day. You don’t always have to pay a fortune for a great day out on bank holiday, and often you might be helping to support local charities at the same time – such as local schools and clubs - who hold special bank holiday events to raise money. You might even make some new local friends.

  3. Make it spontaneous.
  4. Events and festivals are all well and good, but sometimes it’s nice to avoid the crowds. Some of your nearest and dearest may not want another under-cooked sausage served up in the rain, so why not plan something last minute? You could invite friends over and do your own mini (indoor) beer festival, or hold a ‘pot luck’ lunch with nearby friends or neighbours. Sometimes the unplanned things are some of the most fun.

  5. Take on the to-do list.
  6. According to surveys, up to two thirds of us intend to do some DIY jobs over the bank holiday. Some may plan spring cleaning, whilst others might get some of the jobs done that they rarely get time for (such as washing the car, yawn). It can sometimes be a low-cost way to turn your bank holiday into productive time off, but beware of doing it badly! If you’re unsure, look up a local handyman or tradesperson to do the job for you, and sort out your tax return instead. It’s a lot safer.

  7. Earn some money.
  8. Bank holidays are popular times for car boot and pre-loved sales, so check out your local paper for times and prices. It’s a great feeling when you manage to de-clutter whilst also making some money (just don’t forget your umbrella). If, like many of us you’d rather stay in over bank holiday, why not take part in our latest paid survey and earn some money from the comfort of your sofa? Online surveys can be enjoyed whatever the weather!

  9. Read or try an audio book.
  10. With surveys showing the most popular bank holiday activity is watching TV, why not try something a little different? Scour your bookshelves for the thriller you never got around to reading, or why not download an audio book? Some of the biggest sites let you download classics for free, and there are some fantastically narrated children’s books which can be enjoyed by all ages (Judi Dench and Stephen Fry narrating Winnie the Pooh gave a whole new take on my childhood favourite). The beauty of books is that they can be read indoors or out, and audio books free you up to do other things at the same time – such as baking, playing with the children or even taking paid surveys. (Oh, OK, or your tax return.)

Whatever you do this bank holiday, we hope you manage to make the most of your extra day. (And if you’re working over bank holiday, don’t be downcast. You’ll no doubt avoid the crowds and dodgy weather – plus you’ll be earning money rather than spending it!). And if the weather fails us, the supermarkets run out of buns again and your well-thought-out plans fail to materialise…there’s always box sets. Apparently 54% of us would prefer that, anyway.

What will you do this bank holiday? Have your say on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to share your opinions in our latest paid survey at Opinion Outpost UK.

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