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Paid surveys: 3 ways to get your voice heard

Three ways to get your voice heard

Got a great idea for the next big thing? Why not take paid surveys and market research to tell the big-wigs at your favourite brands how to improve!

If you have a lot to say, but aren’t sure how to make yourself heard, there is a great solution that can be done from the comfort of your own home – taking part in market research through paid online surveys.

Online paid surveys are an effective market research technique used by a wide range of different companies and services. They get to ask the people that matter to them how to improve things, and their customers get to give honest feedback that will go straight to the ears of the decision-makers. No letters, no patents, no licenses required – online paid surveys offer you the chance to be the voice of the future of big brands whilst earning money online through paid market research.

There are many websites and exciting ways to start having your say in exchange for earning cash. One site that is popular with savvy shoppers is Opinion Outpost; it offers members a secure way to share their thoughts on the subjects that matter to them in fun paid surveys. It’s fast and free to sign up, and you can take part in online paid surveys as often as you like. Plus, you’ll receive rewards for your time which can be converted into cash or vouchers, as well as prize draw entries to win a share of £5,000.

Another exciting way to influence the market whilst earning money online is to shop and share your favourite products. Companies such as Nielsen provide their members with a portable unit to scan everything that they buy, at no cost to the consumer. Their vital data is used by worldwide companies to improve the range available to shoppers, and it is a simple and exciting way to get your preferences heard whilst making money from home. They also supply rewards and prize draws to their customers as a thank-you for their time taken in providing data for their market research.

If you’ve got a lot to say but very little time to say it, QuickThoughts is a brilliant mobile app that lets you share your views and opinions when you’re on the go in short paid surveys. It’s free to download and can be used whenever you have time to take part. You’ll receive points, which can be easily converted into vouchers, as a thank you for your time.

There are plenty of other ways to have your say online, such as through Twitter, by writing your own blog or by filling out feedback forms on company websites. Our three simple suggestions are designed to make your life easier by offering a dedicated way to voice your views whilst earning money and rewards for your time. Whichever you choose – companies will value your opinion gained through market research as you are at the heart of what they do. So enjoy shopping, start sharing and perhaps your ideas will help to form the future of products and services that you love.

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