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Why choose Opinion Outpost for paid surveys?

Why choose Opinion Outpost for paid surveys? Have your say for extra income

Taking part in market research through online paid surveys is a fantastic way to earn a little extra cash or to top-up your earnings. There are plenty of sites around which offer paid surveys, so that you can earn online, but what makes Opinion Outpost stand out above the rest? Here are five reasons why hundreds of thousands of people choose us:

Safe and secure paid surveys
At Opinion Outpost we take your privacy seriously. We ask all members to log in on our secure website before taking part in paid surveys, to ensure nobody else can access your account. We have a strict privacy policy, outlining exactly which information we do and do not share, for your peace of mind. Some sites may make you liable to spam, but with Opinion Outpost you can rest assured that you can earn online whilst your details are in safe hands.

Fee free way to earn cash online
It’s fast and free to sign up to Opinion Outpost’s paid surveys. We do not charge membership fees, or redemption fees, so you know that what you earn online is what you keep. We will never ask you for your bank or credit card details. What’s more, it’s fully flexible, so you’re not expected to take part in a certain number of paid surveys – simply take part when you want, and when there are online paid surveys available that suit you. With Opinion Outpost’s paid online surveys there really is nothing to lose!

Great rewards to earn online
As well as earning money online in your spare time, we offer members the chance to get paid in vouchers OR in cash (paid securely via PayPal). It’s completely up to you. What’s more, every time you take part in a survey you’ll be entered into our Quarterly Cash Prize Draw to win £5,000! We also run competitions for our members on Facebook, and sometimes members will be asked to test products - so there are plenty of ways to get rewarded.

Low redemption
Unlike other sites, Opinion Outpost has a low level of redemption – so you can exchange your points and start earning cash or vouchers even sooner! Some members start redeeming after just a few paid surveys, whereas others like to save them up for a big expense – such as Christmas. The choice is yours – just don’t forget to log in regularly and see your points piling up.

Trusted globally
We have a vast active panel of like-minded members here in the UK, as well as across the world in seven different countries. Big and small brands trust us to gain honest insight into their products and services, and we take pride in supplying great opinions on every subject. We know the industry well and we love what we do. By becoming a member you’ll have a real chance to have your say, make a difference and give your opinions to the decision-makers of the brands you know and use, whilst earning money online.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re not already a member sign up today and start having your say in our paid surveys. If you’re already with us, check out our latest paid surveys and carry on earning online and stacking up those rewards!

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