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Why it's great that winter is over

Why it's great that winter is over

By Anna Trevelyan

Finally, the weather seems to have turned a corner. (This year I have finally accepted that I’m British, therefore the weather seems to profoundly affect my mood and my outlook.) I give a wide berth to those people who say “oh I love winter” – for me, it’s awful. I don’t like being cold, the rain is boring and snow is just a complete pain.

A recent online poll revealed that 32% of people surveyed think that May is the best month of the year. This was only half a percent behind the ‘best’ month of July, with 33% of the vote. This same online survey showed that peoples’ least favourite month was February, with a mere 7% of the vote. I would agree with that.

Now that May has arrived, here are five reasons why it’s great that winter is over:

  • Al fresco
  • Us Brits love a bit of al fresco drinking and dining. Eating outside in the winter is just asking for trouble, and drinking outside in the winter makes you look like you have a problem. For some reason, once the sun makes an appearance, it’s perfectly acceptable to drink a beer outside the house. Long may the sunshine last!

  • Fashion faux pars
  • Although it’s great to have winter coats to cosy up inside, the current fashion for faux fur and fluffy jumpers really gets up my nose. Literally. I’ve had to remove a piece of coat fluff from my nose or mouth on almost a daily basis throughout the winter, so I’m looking forward to sharing crowded spaces with face-friendly, fluff-free cotton again.

  • Foodie favourites
  • A recent online survey revealed that peoples’ second favourite thing about winter was the food (after snow topped the list with 37% of the vote). OK, so we all love coming indoors to a nice hot meal occasionally, but if I have to slave over another ‘hearty meal’ for three hours I’ll scream. Plus, I think dumplings are highly over-rated and, for the calories, I’d rather eat a cake thank you very much. Bring on simple sides of strawberries, sandwiches and salads for the summer. I may even have a go at growing some (but let’s not get ahead of ourselves).

  • Lighter times
  • Dark evenings make it seem like there is just no time at all in the day. Dark mornings really spook me and make even my lovely neighbour look like a weirdo skulking around in the dark alleyways to buy his newspaper. Some 14% of people in the previously mentioned online survey said that this was their favourite thing about winter. (I’m not convinced, and personally I see darkness as a cover for something suspicious going on.) When it’s lighter everyone seems friendlier and happier - people even say ‘morning!’ when you pass them in the early hours, rather than holding onto their phone in case you are a crazy person and they need to dial 999.

  • Doom and gloom
  • According to an online poll conducted by YouGov, as many as 1 in 3 adults in the UK suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Even if you don’t suffer yourself, you DO have to suffer everyone else’s constant complaining about the elements. Bring on summer, when most people seem to be in a better mood, and when moaning about the rain is a more legitimate complaint in my book. Sure, we’ll always have people saying that it’s “too hot”, but this is my green light to get out into the garden and enjoy the sunshine whilst I can.

    Of course, in true British style, now that I’ve said out loud that the weather has improved it will rain for the next month. Oh well – even if it does, we have still got our traditional one week of British summer to look forward to! Now that’s something to celebrate!

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