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Patients at risk as nurses take online surveys on workload

Nurses take online surveys to reveal the extent of the NHS crisis. Take surveys for money at OOUK

In a worrying new online survey of 3,000 nurses, over 80% said patients are receiving a worse level of care in the NHS than 5 years ago.

The online survey revealed that only 10% of nurses agreed that they were able to provide adequate care to their patients. Almost half of the nurses who took the online survey also admitted seeing patients suffer unnecessarily due to chronic under-funding in the NHS.

Online survey shows true nursing shortage

Currently there are around 24,000 nursing vacancies in the NHS, as many hospitals and NHS trusts are unable to fill the roles - due in part to high staff turnovers. Nursing positions are also difficult to fill since they had their pay frozen, and 83% of nurses in the online survey said they didn’t feel fairly paid. Unfortunately, over half of the nurses who took part in the online survey agreed that they are looking to leave the NHS – a concerning trend that may well lead to a deepening nursing crisis in the near future.

Online survey reveals state of nurses in cash strapped NHS

The online survey revealed the true extent of how many nurses in the NHS are currently feeling. 83% of nurses taking the online survey feel there aren’t enough nurses to deliver safe levels of care. The chronic under-staffing is severely affecting morale, with over half of nurses saying they feel under pressure to save money in the way they work every day, yet the majority of nurses feel they don’t have enough time to deliver safe patient care. What’s more, almost a quarter of nurses said morale has hit “rock ¬bottom”, with another 42% describing it as “poor”.

Only time will tell how the nursing crisis will play out, and what will happen to our NHS without such valuable nursing roles filled – in hospitals, GP surgeries and the community. Nurses are vital for patient care and we wouldn’t get anywhere without them – much like any other key member of the healthcare industry. Amazingly, 61% of nurses still agreed they are proud to work in the NHS. And for that we thank you – it’s us who are proud to have you.

What do you think about the results of the online nursing survey? Are we in a crisis already, and do you think it will get worse before it gets better? We’d love to hear from you – whether you’re a nurse, or just a supporter of nurses – join the discussion on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to earn money with paid surveys for cash at Opinion Outpost UK.

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