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Online surveys say smartphones are leading online shopping

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The results of revealing online surveys have shown that smartphones are leading the way when it comes to web shopping.

According to the online surveys conducted in 2016, almost half of all online shopping was done on a smartphone – well ahead of those shopping on PCs, tablets and laptops. The online surveys estimate that by the end of this year it will be more like 60% of online shopping taking place on a smartphone. But what does this mean for the industry, and what will it mean for us?

Why online surveys on smartphones are significant

The major shift from desktops to smartphones for online shopping has shaped the way we shop. What used to be seen as a ‘second choice’ or alternative way of shopping, on a smaller smartphone screen, is now our go-to device. Now, the online survey figures show that more and more people ONLY own a smartphone, and have no need to buy PCs or tablets in addition. The convenience, portability and newly increased security (through the likes of PayPal and SafeKey) make shopping online using our mobile phones the ideal option, as we don’t need to have additional devices. We can shop wherever and whenever we want, and we can order our weekly shop whilst still at the bus stop. But has it any drawbacks?

Online surveys into mobile safety

In many ways, the convenience of shopping online outweighs the risks for most. Recent online surveys and media reports have highlighted the ability of hackers to access your smartphone using Bluetooth, or by sharing the same Wi-Fi address as you. However, as technology moves along there are additional encryption and online protection programmes which can help you shop online more safely. Experts suggest creating a strong password (or passcode) for your phone, not using public Wi-Fi to share any personal details and ensuring you ‘sign out’ of banking and shopping apps after use. You can see more top tips here.

How smartphones are changing the industry

Understandably, the online survey results about smartphone shopping mean that more retailers have to offer mobile-friendly sites. It’s important that they offer increased functionality (such as a zoom option, to account for those shopping on smaller screens) and perhaps additional secure ways to pay (such as PayPal). If the online surveys are right we could start to see a very different layout of websites soon, to cater for the mobile market, and in the future many online shopping sites might be mobile-optimised only. Perhaps we’ll even see an end to PCs in homes as everyone follows the mobile trend, and perhaps new mobile technology will merge the functionality of both devices into one new portable version.

The good news for us as consumers is that the online surveys are changing the way retailers think. They will make shopping online simpler for us, which should save us time, and many will realise the importance of mobile-friendly vouchers or offer codes. On the downside though it does look as though we are moving further and further away from high street shopping. How shopping on our mobiles will shape our future town centres simply remains to be seen.

What do you think about the online surveys on mobile shopping? Are you an avid smartphone shopper or do you prefer to visit the highstreet? Do you feel safe online when you do shop on your phone? Join the discussion on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to take our paid surveys online and earn cash for surveys today at Opinion Outpost UK.

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