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Surveys online: Common misconceptions about other generations

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Recent paid surveys online have revealed both the statistics and the common misconceptions between different generations in the UK.

The paid surveys online looked at three generations: the Baby Boomers, Generation X and the Millennials. It focused mainly on our attitudes towards technology, and the research reveals, stronger than ever before, that how we think and behave really does depend on our generation.

Paid surveys online: we are defined by our generation

The paid surveys undertaken by Survey Sampling International looked at how we use technology, and how this varies between generations. The surveys online showed that Millennials do almost everything on their mobile phones, whereas Baby Boomers do much less. For example: over half of Millennials stream music to their phone, but fewer than 1 in 10 Baby Boomers do this. This accounts for Millennials rapidly abandoning ‘old fashioned’ technology such as CD players and DVD players. This example is where the generations begin to grow apart in their behaviour and attitudes – through their use of technology.

How surveys online also reveal our misconceptions

The paid surveys online also revealed what we think to be true about other generations versus what actually is the case. Younger generations seemed ready to ‘write off’ the older generations’ use of technology, whereas in fact Baby Boomers have thoroughly embraced channels such as Facebook and WhatsApp, alongside Generation X. However, other channels, such as Snapchat, remain firmly in the hands of the younger audiences. It just goes to show that we cannot assume all older people don’t embrace technology – the statistics from the surveys online certainly know this not to be true – but that particular areas appeal to particular generations. Which is exactly to be expected.

Other paid surveys online have also revealed the trends amongst different generations when it comes to gadgets and behaviours. For example, the generations vary hugely when it comes to shopping habits and gaming. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, nor a stereotype – just a statistical fact highlighted by surveys online.

Whether or not we misjudge the different generations in the street may well vary for different individuals. But the surveys online will help businesses to predict the future of technology and be able to cater for demand. It will be fascinating to see what the next generations will come up with – when Generation X’s 3D printers are seen by the next generations as out of date technology! Don’t you just love progress?

What do you think about the results from the paid surveys online? Do they surprise you, or is it always the case that every generation prefers its technology of the time? Do you think you’ll always keep up with changing technology, or will you always cling to your smartphone over Google Glass? Is it every generations’ right to own their own technology? Join the discussion on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to take our paid surveys online and earn cash for surveys today at Opinion Outpost UK.

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