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HOW much to get hitched?! Paid surveys reveal the true cost of weddings

Paid surveys reveal the true cost of weddings. Make money online with surveys for cash

Paid surveys have revealed the true cost of modern weddings with shock figures. It’s now more expensive than ever to get hitched.

According to paid surveys, the UK wedding industry is now worth well over £10 billion, and the cost of weddings has risen by 21% since Hitched.co.uk’s last survey in 2011.

Paid survey reveals cost of modern weddings

The latest survey by the popular site revealed that the average cost of a wedding last year was £25,090 – the highest it’s ever been. The survey for money predicts that the average cost for 2017 will be even higher, after a consistent rise each year since the last survey was published 5 years ago.

The paid survey of over 3,000 people showed that the biggest wedding cost is venue hire, for an average of £3,738 (14.8% of the total cost). The honeymoon is the second biggest expenditure for a wedding, with an average of £3,366 (13.4% of the total budget), followed by the cost of food at £3,072 (12.2

Paid survey says many can’t afford to get married

With the surveys giving the cost of weddings as higher than ever, and costing more than many people’s annual salary, it does make you wonder how modern day couples manage to afford it. The truth is – many don’t. Surveys for money say that 25% of millennials don’t plan to get married at all, with 27% saying they aren’t financially stable enough. With house prices as they are, many people may choose to put the money towards bricks and mortar or other investments. However, of those who do take the plunge, UK surveys say that parents still play a big part in financing the big day. 48% of couples surveyed in the UK get financial assistance from their parents for the wedding.

With weddings costing more and more every year, it’s no wonder people are put off of walking down the aisle. However, for the romantics out there, there is still hope. Plenty of publications realise the dilemma and have lots of ways to get married on a shoestring.

One thing is for certain – weddings are big business. But is it all about love – or all about the money?

What do you think about the cost of weddings today? How much did your wedding cost back in the day? Do you want to get married but can’t afford it? Got any top tips for brides or husbands to-be? We’s love to know what you think. Join the discussion on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to earn cash with paid surveys for money at Opinion Outpost UK.

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