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Surveys for cash: What's right vs. what's wrong

Surveys for cash. Take paid surveys online and earn extra income with surveys for money

There are plenty of opinions out there about surveys for cash, and which is the best site to take surveys for money. But who should you listen to?

At Opinion Outpost we take pride in being clear, upfront and trustworthy. It’s not just our privacy policy, secure payments via PayPal and our ‘no spam’ promise – we like to be clear with all our members just how they can make money online with our exciting surveys for cash. With this in mind, here are the facts about taking surveys for money with Opinion Outpost’s exciting paid surveys for cash:

The Rumour: “You can get rich quick with surveys for cash”

Some sites may leave you thinking their surveys for cash are a way to ‘get rich quick’, and others may not be clear about just how much you’ll earn for taking paid surveys. However, at Opinion Outpost, we inform you before starting any paid survey just how many points you’ll earn in exchange for your views. An average surgey (taking around 10 to 15 minutes to complete) will usually award you the points equivilent of 50p (or more). As soon as you reach £2.50 in your Account then you can redeem your points for cash!

The truth about surveys for cash

The truth is, taking surveys for cash isn’t a ‘get rich quick’ scheme BUT it’s a legitimate and long-term way to earn extra money for surveys to help top up your income. It isn’t a gamble, it isn’t difficult and it IS a very real way to get your voice heard in exchange for earning cash for surveys. You won’t become rich overnight, but by taking more and more surveys for cash the more you’ll see your rewards really start to build up.

The Rumour: “You won’t ever get paid your rewards”

We can’t speak for other survey sites but at Opinion Outpost your earnings are YOURS! As long as you reach the minimum £2.50 payout threshold you can claim your cash for surveys. (And if you haven’t earned enough points just yet, they won’t expire – simply keep taking part in paid surveys to build up your Account earnings!)

The truth about earning rewards and money for surveys

We have a range of reward options, so you can choose exactly how you get paid – whether you choose to earn money for surveys straight into your bank account (cash securely via PayPal) or whether you’d prefer vouchers for your favourite online shop – it’s entirely up to you. What’s more, our dedicated customer support are here to help you if you experience any problems or have any questions. Simply email us at helpdesk@opinionoutpost.co.uk, or get in touch via our Facebook page for fast, friendly support.

The Rumour: “The surveys aren’t real”

Opinion Outpost’s paid online surveys are very real! We work with companies from across the world who really want to hear your point of view, and are willing to pay you for your time. That’s how Opinion Outpost works – we connect you to the decision-makers who matter, who in turn pay cash for surveys in exchange for your valued feedback.

The truth about REAL surveys for cash

You can trust Opinion Outpost to offer high quality paid surveys which will not only ensure your ideas are heard but that you will earn cash for surveys in your spare time. We always have a wide variety of paid market research surveys available – simply keep an eye on your inbox for survey invitations or log in to your Account and see what’s taking place at the moment. One sure fire way to ensure you qualify for as many paid surveys as possible is to fully complete your Account information. (For example, if we know you ride horses then you will be one of the best people to answer a survey about innovative new saddles.) Letting us know all about you will help to increase your earning potential for our surveys for cash, as your expert opinions in those fields may be exactly what companies are looking for.

Opinion Outpost’s surveys for cash are fun, flexible and full of rewards. Want to find out what it’s all about? Sign up today using the short form above, and look forward to earning rewards with secure surveys for money. Already a member? Then you know how Opinion Outpost lets you make money from home with cash for surveys in your spare time! Take a survey today and look forward to your next exciting reward!

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