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Online surveys say connected cars are closer than we think

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Recent online surveys have revealed that our appetite for connected cars is stronger than ever, and technology companies are eager to deliver.

For those who aren't sure, a ‘connected car’ is an intelligent vehicle which is able to optimize its own operation and maintenance, whilst at the same time improving the convenience and comfort of passengers, by using on-board sensors and internet connectivity. Its imminent arrival in the mass market is exciting both consumers and technology lovers alike.

Online surveys show how close connected cars are

At the world's leading tech expo earlier this year Microsoft, Samsung, Intel, Qualcomm and Nvidia showed off their latest plans for the newly fast-growing connected car market. According to online surveys, worldwide sales of connected car products is expected to increase almost fourfold before 2020. According to one recent online survey, this will add more than $149 billion in revenues to the passenger car segment alone.

online survey reports suggest that Samsung and Qualcomm may currently be leading the connected car innovation. The technologies which have been showcased are certainly something to think about, and both tech giants showed that this technology will soon be available for the likes of you and me. They promise improved safety, an ‘office away from the office’, or even remote operation.

It's an exciting time, being on the brink of a new technology which will revolutionise the way we drive, behave and travel. It may not be too long until we start to see driverless cars, but before that we will have connected cars: truly the new 'smart' car which will kick the technology sector up another vital gear.

What do you think about connected cars? Which exciting gadget or feature would you most like to see on your next vehicle? Take opinion Outpost's paid surveys online and get set to share your point of view in exchange for earning cash for surveys and making money online in your spare time.

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