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Why I'd rather be taking online surveys for cash

Why online surveys for cash work for me. Make money online with paid surveys for money

By Miss Moneypenny Saver

When it comes to making my money go further, I’ve tried it all. But I’ve yet to find a more flexible income than taking online surveys for cash.

It all started when I was a student. I wanted to earn a little extra cash to spend on textbooks for uni (OK, beer and clothes) so I started to think of ways in which I could top up my non-existent earnings. So I came up with a plan.

First I got a job at the Student Union (great fun but I spent most of my income straight after I’d finished my shift) then I tried delivering leaflets. THAT was hard work (it started off as good exercise but turned into running away from people’s dogs, or fumbling to find a letterbox in the million pound houses which were just a stone’s throw from our halls). I tried selling my photography (no students could afford it and rich people didn’t want it) and babysitting (the major downside was it was on all the evenings I wanted to be out with friends). I was offered ‘exotic’ modelling (that one wasn’t for me) and I invented a new, specially-shaped gluestick (no money in that apparently). I even product tested for a major toothpaste brand (a few mini samples and the occasional free t-shirt) until eventually I worked on TV sets as a freelance dogsbody (sorry, runner).

If only I knew then what I knew now – that you can take online paid surveys in your spare time without having to leave your room. Or the pub. Or the train. That it IS possible to take online surveys for cash to top up your income.

Which is why Opinion Outpost is so brilliant. It’s the only work I’ve ever done where there is genuinely no commitment. The surveys really are flexible, and you can take surveys for cash whenever you like. I even took them on the train to work. There’s no dress code, no fixed hours and you can work in your pants if you want (not recommended for on the train).

It’s not that I think it will make me a millionaire, but the amount in your Account really builds up quickly. If, like me, you’re opinionated and you’ve got something to say (such as, why that brand’s shape of glue stick is all wrong) then this is a great way to get heard. Not only can you say what you REALLY think on the things that you use, but you get paid too.

After the first few surveys for cash that I took, I had earned enough for a payout. It was fast and simple to get my earnings, and being slightly indecisive I chose to have the money into my bank account directly through PayPal.

So, up against freezing mornings being chased by hounds, long evenings smelling of snakebite, and having to brush my teeth 6 times a day – guess which one I prefer to make a bit of extra money? Online surveys for cash wins every time. It’s quick, it’s easy, and you don’t pay anything to join.

Just keep an eye out for my excellent new gluestick suggestion coming to a stationery shop near you soon.

What’s your favourite thing about taking Opinion Outpost’s online surveys for cash? Have you had any other money-making schemes which were way off the mark? Let us know why taking online surveys for cash works for you. Join the discussion on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to earn extra income with paid surveys for money at Opinion Outpost UK today.

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