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Bank holidays: the good, the bad & the ugly

what makes the perfect bank holiday

Almost 10,000 of our panellists took part in our latest online paid survey all about bank holidays, revealing why many of us love a bank holiday. As well as how there’s also plenty we love to hate. Here’s what you had to say.

Paid survey: The good

According to Opinion Outpost’s panellists, around half of you who took our paid survey are due to take time off work over this long weekend. Over three quarters who answered the paid survey said they planned to spend this bank holiday with their loved ones, with two thirds favouring family time and a quarter saying they will spend it with friends. Which is rather lovely. According to you, the top bank holiday activities are relaxing (over half of you plan to take time out to take it easy) followed by a quarter of you who are planning to have a BBQ, whilst a quarter of you will go out for dinner or drinks and one in five of you will go away somewhere. This sounds like the perfect way to spend a long weekend.

Paid survey: The bad

Sadly it won’t be all burgers and beers for us Brits. One in three of you taking our paid survey won’t get time off to enjoy yourselves as you’ll be at work. Two thirds of you think we don’t have enough bank holidays, and one in five of you struggle as they aren’t spaced out enough across the year. Boo.

Paid survey: The ugly

According to the paid survey, some of you get really riled up this bank holiday weekend. Top gripes include the unreliable British weather. Over half of you said the weather usually lets you down and disrupts your plans, and almost half of you find the traffic just too terrible. Crowds are also an issue for one third of people, and one in five of you taking our paid survey are annoyed that the shops aren’t open as usual. It seems we love having a day off but ideally not when everyone else does!

And what about the future of these bank holidays that we love to hate? The biggest vote for our newest bank holiday was to be St George’s Day, followed closely by the idea of having our own ‘Independence Day’ on the anniversary of the Brexit result. Whether we will or will not have a new bank holiday to add to the calendar remains to be seen – but if the 500 of you who said you’d rather be at work had your way, perhaps we all have enough traffic-filled rainy days off as it is!

What do you think about our bank holidays? Will you be celebrating a Monday off work, or having to trudge to the office? Share your ideal bank holiday activities by joining the discussion on our Facebook page. and getting involved in our latest paid survey. We love hearing what you have to say, so don’t forget to sign up and earn money sharing your views in our paid surveys at Opinion Outpost UK.

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