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Paid survey results: don’t privatise our NHS

Our latest paid survey online shows how much we love the NHS

Over 6,000 Opinion Outpost UK panellists took part in our recent paid survey about how you feel towards our NHS, and the results spoke volumes.

It’s fair to say that most people taking part in the paid survey are passionate about the NHS. Three quarters of you (over 84%) surveyed said that having access to a National Health Service, offering free healthcare for all, was extremely important to you. Almost the same number (82%) agreed that the NHS made you proud to be British.

NHS made you proud to be British

According to the paid survey, most of you spoke favourably about the treatment received from the NHS, with over 65% rating your local NHS services as good or very good. Fewer than one in five (18%) rated it average, and less than 4% said it wasn’t good. For those who had a bad experience, the biggest reason by far (65%) was that you had to wait too long to receive treatment.

Perhaps having to wait too long for treatment is a concern for many people taking part in our paid survey, as the results show that the majority of people think the NHS needs more money. Indeed, almost nine out of ten people agreed that the NHS should be given more funding, and even more (90%) said that the NHS should be protected from government cuts.

NHS should be protected from government cuts

The results from the online paid survey reflect the general public’s concern over the future of the NHS. The majority of people (nearly two thirds) said that they disagree with privatisation of the NHS. 12% of people surveyed said that they were concerned with privatisation, but that it may be necessary. Only around one in ten people didn’t seem concerned with privatisation of the NHS.

It’s safe to say that, as a whole, we feel very strongly about being able to access free healthcare services in this country. Almost half of the people taking part in the paid survey (48%) think that all healthcare services should be free on the NHS, and 46% think that most healthcare services should be free. Only 3% of people thought that we should pay for most or all healthcare, either in cash or via insurance. (Interestingly, having private health insurance was something that only 13% of people taking part in the online survey had, whereas 4 out of 5 people did not have private health insurance.)

most healthcare services should be free

Although this survey showed an overwhelming support of our NHS, we fear it’s future may be unsustainable. Fewer than one in three people (28%) think that the NHS is sustainable in its current form in our economy. Most people (50%) think that it will require change in order to survive, and one in six people feel it’s not sustainable in its current form.

The uncertainty of our NHS is clearly being felt my many. This paid survey shows how important the NHS is to us, and how it’s an integral part of our society. We value it, we want to keep it and most fear privatisation. What will happen still remains to be seen, but with such support for this renowned institution it will be a brave politician who decides to upset the majority of its users. We love our NHS. Let’s hope it manages to keep putting the ‘great’ into Great Britain.

What do you think? Have the paid survey results surprised you? Do you love the NHS, or do you feel it has to evolve in order to survive? Join the discussion on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to have your say in our latest paid surveys at Opinion Outpost UK.

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