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Paid surveys: Top survey-taking tips

Tips for earning more money with paid surveys

Believe it or not, there can be a bit of an art to survey-taking and earning extra money with paid surveys. Once you get used to taking paid surveys in your spare time, they can become an excellent way of earning some extra cash. Some people say they get faster with the more they take paid surveys, as their typing and sight-reading skills improve, so they can complete more paid surveys and earn even more money.

A recent survey asked people what the most like about paid survey taking. Here were the top reasons why they enjoyed taking part:

  1. Finding it fun and/or relaxing
  2. Enjoying expressing their opinion
  3. Making some extra cash
  4. Learning about new products and services
  5. Using their voice to have a say
  6. Feeling appreciated and valued by being paid to share their views
  7. Using free time to earn money
  8. An interesting way to pass the time
  9. Interesting subjects and the possibility of changing the future of products and services

The seasoned survey-takers will probably already know how to increase their earning potential, but here are some top tips to make the most out of taking paid surveys:

Update your Account

By taking part in our Welcome Survey, it’s a simple way to tell us all about your interests and experience, which gives us the opportunity to invite you to take part in more paid surveys. It gives a more tailored survey-taking experience, which leads to more opportunities to earn money. Don’t forget to update your details regularly, especially after a big change in your life (such as a new job or having a baby).

Avoid screen-outs with paid surveys

A “screen out” is when you start taking a survey and then finding it is unsuitable for you. Usually this is because it requires a very specific demographic for that individual survey (such as people who own a dog AND a cat), so try not to be downhearted. By answering fully and thoughtfully, and completing your Account information, you can reduce the chance of this happening. But it’s not all bad – you’ll still receive an entry into the Quarterly Cash Prize Draw for taking part in every paid survey anyway!

Act fast in paid surveys

If you’ve taken paid surveys before, it can be frustrating to hear about a survey which interests you, only to find (when you finally get around to taking it) that it has filled up. To reduce the likelihood of this happening, make sure you check your inbox regularly and try to take paid surveys as soon as you can. Why not consider taking them on the go? Which leads us onto number four…

Get mobile

If you have a smartphone, tablet or laptop, why not try taking part in paid surveys on the go? That way you can maximise your downtime by completing questionnaires whilst commuting, on your lunch break, or when waiting for the dentist to call you in. . It’s simple, passes the time and makes paid survey taking even more flexible.

Stay up to date

By logging in regularly to your Account, you can keep an eye on the rewards which are mounting up - plus you’ll be able to exchange them for something exciting such as cash (via PayPal) or vouchers for leading online brands. You earned it, so don’t be afraid to claim your rewards for taking paid surveys!

By signing up to Opinion Outpost, you’ll not only be able to enjoy having your say - influencing the products and services of the future - but you’ll also earn money for taking paid surveys. Taking paid market research surveys really gives you the chance to get your voice heard, whilst topping up your income during your downtime. Want to start earning money online in YOUR spare time? Sign up today by filling out the short form above, and join our global panel of people whose opinions in paid surveys really do make a difference.

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