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Surveys online: Why autumn is always a winner

Why US surveys online say autumn is always a winner

According to surveys online by YouGov in America, autumn was voted the nation’s favorite season, with over two thirds of respondents putting it at number one. Here in the UK, two surveys online conducted by different weather apps reveled that autumn wasn’t quite so popular here, with only one in ten saying it was their favourite season. Poor old autumn – here’s why it is always a winner in my eyes, no matter what the surveys online say.


I can’t be alone in disliking the wasps, the flies and other irritating winged things that like to fly into your wine during the summer. Hooray for the frost that seems to see them off, and hello to peaceful al-fresco dining (when it’s warm enough, of course).

Natural beauty

Who could fail to miss the lovely autumn leaves? The beautifully misty mornings? The smell of bonfires and rain? I love the way the seasons change, and how you may see more wildlife on your way to and from work as dawn and dusk draw in. If you’re into photography, autumn is a great time to get some fabulous shots.

Social faux pars

This may seem an odd one but more than once this summer I have come unstuck, and had to make a speedy exit from the car park I was residing in, after unfortunate open-window encounters. My biggest faux par was loudly stating “ooh, Jason Statham has let himself go” in the Aldi car park, which did not go down well with the large balding man standing next to my (forgotten) opened window. Air con is much safer socially, but safer still is a winter chill, meaning windows remain closed (and comments remain unheard).


At the risk of sounding very Jeremy Corbyn (or even Jeremy Clarkson) I am rather partial to knitwear, the odd blazer and even a touch of tweed. I am actually looking forward to being reunited with some of my slightly fraying ‘grandad’ cardigans. I’ve missed you, old friends. I’ll skip the facial hair though, thanks Jezza.


If, like me, you suffer with ‘good weather guilt’ (instilled in school – where if it’s even remotely sunny you are forced out into the playground) you can look forward to some cosy nights in again this autumn. There are plenty of great new series on the go (such as my favourite, C4’s ‘First Dates’, and TV surveys online favourite – Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’) so we can all put our slippers on again and snuggle up on the sofa. Hooray!


I really miss tights in the summer. They cover a multitude of sins and actually make you feel taller (or is it just me)? They can double as a make-shift belt, an emergency disguise in a ‘situation’ or even a tourniquet in the event of an unfortunate adder nip when frolicking through autumn leaves (I’m sure Michael Buerk did that once on ‘999’). On a more practical note, tights also mean you don’t have to obsessively shave your legs so often. Which brings me onto my next point…


I’m not sure if this is scientifically proven, but my hair seems to grow like a beast in the summer. My roots are worse than the Whomping Willow’s, and my eyebrows start to look like those of Oscar The Grouch after a few hours unplucked. Bring on the large woolly hats to mask this madness. Plus, summer with a toddler means I am often expected to whip off my outer clothing at a moment’s notice, to climb inside some form of paddling pool. Let’s not even start on the bikini area, except to say that in the winter I have far more warning of such things.


Autumn is usually full of birthdays and other celebrations. There is also Bonfire Night and Halloween still to come, which are both great excuses to demolish marshmallows and maybe even some mulled cider. We can even start enjoying the comfort food that summer forgot, with stews, curries, slow-cooked meats and roast dinners back on the menu. Now that’s something to look forward to!

Summer may be over for another year, but it makes way to an even more exciting season (probably). Here’s to an autumn full of fun, no matter what the weather!

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