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Kids test best toys to travel with

2 kids sit in a pretend aeroplane dressed for an adventure as surveys online reveal the best toys to take on an aeroplane. How best to keep the kids entertained whilst travelling!

According to a recent experiment by Dr Robert Winston, children have decided on the best toys to keep them entertained on the go.

Forget surveys online who claim to have the most popular toys, and paid surveys showing the top sellers – this special study road tested a whole host of different toys on an aeroplane – and this time it was the kids who made the call.

According to surveys online, 60% of parents struggle to keep children entertained for more than 30 minutes. 25% of parents also admitted to worrying about their children disturbing other passengers. However, in a special social experiment – which asked 30 children aged 2 to 10 – to play with their choice of toys for 90 minutes, Dr Robert Winston and a team of educational psychologists were able to identify the toys which most successfully kept the children happy.

Special kids only survey said the iPad isn’t essential!

Surprisingly, the iPad – plenty of parents’ go-to gadget for keeping children entertained on a plane – didn’t even enter the top 10 of the kids’ ACTUAL favourite activity on the go! Instead, most children favoured creative, hands-on toys to keep them happy. The top toys, Loom Bands and Playdoh, kept over half of the children entertained for over 40 minutes, and cost just £1.99 and 79p respectively.

So, here are the best toys to take on a plane, or on a long journey to keep the kids from getting bored, as voted for by them! The results may surprise you!

Kids pick the best toys to take on a plane

  • 1. Loom Bands
  • 2. Playdoh
  • 3. Lego
  • 4. Top Trumps
  • 5. Uno
  • 6. Usborne Activity Cards
  • 7. Magnetic travel game
  • 8. Aquadoodle!
  • 9. Finger puppets
  • 10. Sticker books

Still wondering how you’ll keep them entertained all the way? Here are some top tips:

Top tips to keep kids entertained whilst travelling

  1. Keep a drink handy, and some sugar-free sweets, to help little ears to equalise when cabin pressure changes.
  2. Have a selection of snacks to hand.
  3. Choose ‘new’ toys for the journey – which can easily be second-hand from a charity shop, but new to the child.
  4. Wrapping the toys beforehand also makes it more interesting!
  5. Choose creative toys/games to help spark their imagination – such as the list above.
  6. Bring out different toys at regular intervals and take part in the fun yourself!
  7. Consider other games which don’t require equipment – such as I Spy and the yes/no game.
  8. Mix it up! Use pens with Playdoh to make hedgehogs. Make a house of cards with Top Trumps and Lego. Make a rope bridge using lego and Loom Bands, and so on.
  9. If you’re going long haul with a little one, ask for a basinet seat. Even if they are too big, it will give you extra floor/leg room for them to play (rather than on your lap for 8 hours).
  10. Buy a bulk load of earplugs before you go, to give out to other passengers if needed! Then, if you can’t stop your child from being noisy, at least you will feel less anxious about it!
  11. Don’t forget their favourite comforter/toy too. New toys are great but sometimes you can’t beat their all-time favorite.

Are you surprised that iPads weren’t the favourite for modern children? Are you inspired to spend only a few pounds on toys, rather than a few hundred? Let us know if you’ve tried and tested any of these toys, and how it went! Join the discussion on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to enjoy paid surveys online and surveys for cash at Opinion Outpost UK.

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