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Opinion polls reveal the funniest words in the UK language

A laughing horse responds to the funniest words in English revealed through surveys for money

A fierce debate has been raging since the funniest words were revealed in UK opinion polls recently – but do you agree with the results?

According to one well-publicised UK survey this summer, it was announced that the funniest word in the English language is…(drumroll please)… ‘booty’. There you have it. Thousands of years of lanuage and that is the result. The top funniest word in the survey has taken plenty of people by surprise, and there has been a lot of discussion on social media ever since.

Why share your thoughts in opinion polls on humour?

800 people were asked to share their thoughts in opinion polls, on behalf of Warwick University, and they ranked the humour value of 211 random words.

Humour has long been wondered at; why exactly some words are funnier than others, and why some find one thing funny whereas others may find it offensive. Indeed this UK survey showed that there were strong humour patterns found in different gender groups, and across age categories.

Men found words such as ‘prod’ and ‘racoon’ more humorous, while women were more likely to appreciate the humour of ‘momma’ and ‘sod’. Younger people that shared their thoughts in the opinion polls thought ‘joint’ and ‘gangster’ were funnier, while older respondents within the paid survey were more likely to laugh at words like ‘squint’ and ‘pong’.

Surveys for money reveal top 10 funniest words in UK

After 800 people shared their thoughts in the opinion poll, here were the top 10 funniest words:

  1. ‘Booty’
  2. ‘Tit’
  3. ‘Booby’
  4. ‘Hooter’
  5. ‘Nitwit’
  6. ‘Twit’
  7. ‘Waddle’
  8. ‘Tinkle’
  9. ‘Bebop’
  10. ‘Egghead’

It has to be said, the opinion polls did show a bit of a theme – especially in the top 5 of the 10 funniest words (although, the survey participants could be referring to our feathery friends, of course).

Comments on social media included “top 10 funniest words ever? I didn’t even laugh at one LOL”, and “where is tallywhacker and moist on this list?!”. Clearly not everyone agrees with those who share their thoughts in these opinion polls. But then again – who ever said a sense of humour makes any sense?

What did you make of the UK surveys revealing the funniest words in English? Did you have a chuckle at the top 10? Or have you got a better word which makes you giggle every time you hear it? Let us know by commenting on our Facebook page, (keep it clean though, people!), and discover a great way to earn money online when you share your thoughts in opinion polls and paid surveys for cash, at Opinion Outpost UK.

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