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Why surveys for cash will always win my vote

2 people listen to music during a spare 15 minutes. This blog looks at other ways to spend 15 free minutes including taking online surveys

There are a few things you COULD do when you’ve got a spare 15 minutes, or even half an hour. But here’s why taking surveys for cash always wins for me.

I’ve got to admit it, I love shopping. Buying clothes, books online, even toiletries I’ll never even use from my local shop. For me, spare time turns expensive as I think “I’ll just pop in here”, or “I’ll go and get a quick magazine.” Well, one thing turns into another, and before I know it I’ve whipped my credit card out again.

I know others who spend all their free time with their horses. Or one who spends it doing up their car. My friend’s partner spends every free minute playing online games…and, each to their own, but all these things tend to cost a fair amount of money. When you consider your hobbies, having free time might just be a bit of a dangerous thing to do. I started to worry a bit about my own, so I made a list:

Top 10 things I like to do when i’ve got a spare 15 mins

  1. Check social media (a great way to keep in touch/waste time – over 5 years of our lives, apparently ).
  2. Phone my family (always nice to do, so I’ll keep that one)
  3. Switch on the TV (not watch anything specific, but just zone out to whatever re-runs of Four in a Bed are on – not particularly effective)
  4. Check work emails (when not in work = not being paid!)
  5. Do the washing (yawn)
  6. Do some exercise (good thought)
  7. Do some personal grooming (often more than 30 minutes required!)
  8. Spend time with my family (another lovely one but they are all busy people)
  9. Shop shop shop (online, in store, whatever)
  10. Take online surveys for money (great plan)

Now, there are some things on here which are always worth doing. Family, friends and exercise are obviously things that should be high on anyone’s priority list. But, for me, the real no-brainer is taking surveys for cash in my spare time.

I love the idea of flexible working, and I love the idea of working from home. In my ‘real’ job this isn’t always possible, so to make money online through giving my opinions is a real bonus for me. Not only financially (my new favourite book came courtesy of an Amazon voucher I earned though taking surveys for cash one weekend) but in terms of ME. When I’m taking surveys for money I’m not out spending. Hurrah!

How surveys for cash make money online not spend it

Think about it. When was the last time you were bored and ended up buying something you didn’t need? We’ve all been there – waiting for a delayed train, on a lunch break or taking a de-tour when going out for something else. I practically kick myself at the thought of how much cash I’ve wasted, willy nilly, on things I don’t need. When all this time I could have just been sitting taking a short paid survey on my phone and EARNING.

So now, instead of just opening my Facebook app I look to see if there’s a paid survey I can take. Instead of zoning out to the TV, I’ll check my emails to see if there are any survey invites. And instead of frittering cash away I’ll check my Opinion Outpost points to see if I can redeem any rewards. It’s smart spending, I like to think.

Making flexible paid surveys fit in around my lifestyle is what works for me. I tend to take part little and often – then I actually enjoy taking surveys for cash. Why not give it a go yourself? You’ll be amazed at how much it builds up, even if it is little and often. But even a little makes a lot of difference in the long run.

What’s your favourite thing to do in a spare 15 minutes? (Keep it clean, people!) We’d love to know how you like to fill your time. Is taking paid surveys and earning extra money online one of them? Join the discussion on our Facebook page, and discover a great way to make money online AND earn extra income with paid surveys for cash at Opinion Outpost UK.

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