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Surveys for money reveal big 5 personality types

A man holds up 5 different photos showing  contentious, extrovert, neurotic, open-minded and agreeable. What's your personality type? Take a paid survey to find out

There are some surprising personality traits that go hand in hand with the known ‘big 5’ personality types, according to recent surveys for money.

A landmark study has found a fascinating raft of new behavioural characteristics that are associated with the ‘big 5’ personality types – which are identified as: contentious, extrovert, neurotic, open-minded and agreeable. We all knew that ‘agreeable’ people will be more likely to be popular with plenty of friends – but did you know that they are also likely to spend more time ironing?

Surveys for money reveal unusual behaviour patterns

The impressive study of over 800 participants, which looked at peoples’ personality types and then compared this to their activities over a 4 year period, found strong correlations between the key personality types and patterns of behaviour. Here are some of the new traits they identified.

Extroverts spend more time in hot tubs, planning parties, drinking in bars, talking on the phone whilst driving, and attempting to get a tan.

Contentious people apparently read less than their counterparts (a common misconception may be that they would read more), swear more and are more likely to chew on pencils.

Agreeable people spend more time ironing, playing with their children and washing up – which, the surveys for money identified, was due to their inherent motivation to keep others happy. They are apparently also more likely to sing in the car or the shower – a habit that seems ironically disagreeable (depending on their quality of singing voice, obviously).

Open-minded people are more likely to read poetry, eat spicy breakfasts and spend their downtime without any clothes on. They are also less likely to watch sport.

Neurotic people, perhaps rather predictably, were more likely to take medications, but also they displayed more antisocial behaviours than others – such as making fun of others or losing their temper more regularly.

How can personality surveys for money help us?

The fascinating research isn’t just a good read – it could also help us to understand more about what drives one another, in order to be more receptive and accommodating to others. It could also help psychologists and health workers to assist patients to be the best version of themselves by avoiding certain triggers.

Which personality type are you? Find out by taking the online survey here. Do the newly identified traits, from the surveys for money, ring true for you? We’d love to hear from you if so! Join the discussion on our Facebook page, and carry on earning money for your opinions with surveys for cash at Opinion Outpost UK.

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