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The silly side of market research

A boy pulls a face at a new product he doesn't like. Give your opinion on new brands and products in Opinion Outpost UK Surveys.

You’ve got to love the public’s honest views in paid market research. It’s what OOUK thrives on. But it doesn’t always go the way the brands want!

Paid market research aims to find out what the general public REALLY think of a product, service or specific subject. They may do this through paid surveys and online surveys for cash, in small focus groups, or face to face out in the street. Here are some of our favourite classic outcomes – when market research and surveys for money didn’t quite go as planned!

When paid market research reveals people’s ignorance

There have been some hilarious survey outcomes published online and in magazines. The paid surveys may have started out to gauge people’s views on a subject, in view of a new product or programme, but sometimes the people they ask know less than they had hoped. Here are our personal favourites:

An infamous scientific survey revealed that 1 in 4 Americans think the sun goes around the Earth. Somewhat concerning.

A tech survey undertaking paid market research for potential consumers found that 51% of people think that stormy weather affects cloud computing. (Does that mean they avoid working or backing up when it gets a little overcast?).

This survey about what Europeans think about other Europeans is also pretty fascinating.

Lost in translation through no market research

We love it when big brands DON’T do their market research and just get it plain wrong.

HSBC failed to consult their target audience when expanding into various countries around the world. Their tagline “Assume Nothing” was translated into several languages as “Do Nothing”. They have since had a $10 million re-brand.

KFC also failed to consult the public (nor a translator, apparently) when they expanded into China in the 80s. Their “Finger Lickin’ Good” advert was translated to say “Eat Your Fingers Off”. Not quite so appetising.

Our final favourite was when Coors beer’s “Turn It Loose” campaign was brought to Spain. Consumers weren’t consulted and the tagline was translated to say “Suffer with Diarrhoea”. We’re not sure they had many customers in Spain that year!

Paid market research product backlash

There are too many great examples to think of when it comes to ‘real’ product views in paid surveys – but Budweiser being branded “weak and watery – like kissing your sister” by a UK audience was a real classic.

Here’s one hilarious review of the drink Drambuie (note to big brands – try to seek out your target audience first)!

And finally…this brilliant list of the funniest answers to the Family Fortunes market research surveys is sure to put a smile on your face!

Got a great story about when market research or paid surveys goes wrong? We’d love to hear from you! Join in the chat on our Facebook page, and discover a great way to earn money online with paid surveys for cash at Opinion Outpost UK.

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