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Help with the cost of Christmas by earning money online

Saving and earning money online with paid surveys

Christmas can be an extremely expensive time of year, but we have a few tips to help with the cost of Christmas – including by earning money online.

With just under 2 weeks to go, the clock may ticking on the countdown to Christmas…but there is still time to earn money online in time at Opinion Outpost, as well as using a few clever tricks to help make your money go a little further! Here are some of our favourite suggestions:

Earn money online with paid surveys

There is still time to start taking as many paid surveys as you can before Christmas, and earning money online! Taking our simple online paid surveys helps you to earn money online in exchange for your opinions. The more paid surveys you complete, the more money you will earn. You can redeem your rewards for cash (via PayPal) or choose vouchers for leading retailers. These vouchers can be used as great gifts in themselves, or you can use them to buy more traditional presents for loved ones. But be quick!

Redeem, redeem, redeem

If you haven’t already redeemed the points in your Account, earned through taking our paid market research surveys, why not do so before Christmas? With our low redemption level it’s easier than you think to earn money online in your spare time, and that extra income can come in really handy right about now. Whilst we’re on the subject, check for any rewards/vouchers from other store cards and membership cards you may have, redeem any cashback earned through online cashback sites, and claim any points, rewards and free gifts earned throughout the year which you may be eligible for.

Save cash in the sales

Got anyone to buy for who you aren’t seeing before Christmas? You could always cheat and buy their gift AFTER Christmas, to save some cash! You’ll probably get more for your money, and they may never know (nor care) as it’s really the thought that counts.

Watch and wait

If you can bare it, it sometimes pays to leave Christmas shopping until the last minute. The Highstreet is feeling the squeeze financially, so there are still great deals to be had from Black Friday and Cyber Monday lurking around. Many of the biggest retailers will want to earn money online just before Christmas, so holding your nerve might just nab you a real bargain!

Home make it

If you are already earning money online in paid surveys, and have already taken advantage of the Pre-Christmas sales, why not consider home-made gifts and cards? Get the kids involved in making cards and special tree ornaments, and everyone loves to receive a home-baked cake or cookies. They are cheap and fun to make and you will save some money as well as putting a lot of thought into someone’s present. If you are no Kirsty (or Nigella) why not buy some spirits and add your own cranberries or sloe berries for tasty home-made tipple?

Forward plan

This may sound ludicrous, but just after Christmas all the Christmas gifts, decorations, wrapping and festive-themed presents will be hugely discounted, as well as toys and clothing. If you have a bit of space to store things, why not buy in January for next Christmas? It will soon come around, and you could save yourself a lot of cash (and hassle)!

We hope you enjoy the countdown to Christmas, and manage to save a few pennies too! Don’t forget to have your say and earn money online in paid surveys at Opinion Outpost – where paid market research rewards you all year round!

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