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A quick way to earn rewards with online surveys

Join QuickThoughts and share your opinion in online paid surveys

Ever heard of QuickThoughts? QuickThoughts is one of the latest and fastest way to share your opinion in online paid surveys.

QuickThoughts is built with you in mind. It’s for busy people, who are buzzing with ideas but perhaps don’t always have enough time to share them in longer surveys. It’s still a fantastic way to get your voice and views heard by the decision-makers who matter, but it’s fast, fun and can all be done on a simple mobile app.

If you enjoy sharing your opinion in online paid surveys, but don’t always have a lot of time to do it, QuickThoughts is the ideal solution. Like Opinion Outpost it’s fully flexible and you can take part at a time that suits you. But because it’s a mobile app you can complete paid surveys when you’re on the go, or at home. Plenty of members use QuickThoughts on the train or bus, so they can earn cash and rewards before they even get in to work!

Think about it – do you have some spare time that you would like to fill in a productive way? If you regularly take public transport, have time off during the day, or if you fancy working from home, why not share your opinion in online paid surveys and turn downtime into earning time?

The QuickThoughts app is FREE, and can be downloaded from Google Play, or from the App Store. Whether you have Apple or Android, a smartphone or an iPhone, an iPad or a tablet, QuickThoughts is a great way to get your voice heard whilst earning money in your free time.

It’s quick and easy to sign up to our exciting survey app. Download the app for free, complete the form which tells us all about you, and start taking paid surveys on your mobile device! As a thank you for your time you will earn cash for every paid market research survey you complete, which can be converted into great Gift Cards to spend on yourself or someone else.

You can earn up to £2 for every online survey you complete, and our no-cost surveys cover all sorts of subjects. By telling us all about you, we can even match you to take the paid market research surveys which you will be most interested in.

Here’s how you can influence the brands you love by taking surveys for cash:

  1. Download our no-cost mobile app
  2. Complete your details so that we can tailor our paid surveys to you
  3. Start taking part and earning cash, to convert into Gift Cards

It’s quick and easy to use, and it allows you to work from home or on the go, earning money to convert into vouchers. What could be more rewarding than influncing the brands you love by sharing your opinion in online paid surveys? Start taking part with QuickThoughts today, and having your say for pay!

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