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Opinion polls ask: Do they know it's Christmas?

Opinion polls show how Christmas is changing

According to opinion polls, young people are losing the real message of Christmas – but is this a good thing or a bad thing? Read more here.

The opinion polls’ results revealed that a third of UK children don’t know that Christmas traditionally celebrates the birth of Jesus, after 2,000 families took part in an online survey. The other interesting outcome from the opinion polls was that half of the population taking part in the survey online consider Jesus’ birth to be irrelevant to modern Christmas celebrations.

The campaign group who commissioned the online polls, Christmas Starts With Christ, blamed the survey results upon the UK’s move into being a secular society, and the fact that schools were too politically correct. But does this matter?

Understandably, many Christians and other members of the population who believe in celebrating the birth of Jesus would be upset that their traditional festival may seem to have lost its meaning – if the online polls are to be believed. However, it is indeniable that traditions, language and society is evolving, so perhaps Christmas is just one of these examples.

After all, many so-called Christmas traditions aren’t religious. The Christmas tree, for example, is apparently borne from ancient plays being performed on Christmas Eve requiring a prop tree on set, so this isn’t immediately connected to the birth of Jesus. Similarly there have been many reports and surveys online about how many of our modern day Christmas celebrations encompass all sorts of religions and traditions.

Perhaps our modern day ‘melting pot’ Christmas celebrations reflect the diverse society in which we live in. That said, it’s important to respect the views of those who have different beliefs to us – but isn’t the coming together and ‘festive spirit’ the one thing that we can all agree that Christmas represents, no matter what your beliefs may be?

The true meaning of Christmas is perhaps individual to us all, which is what the online poll results hinted at. For me it’s getting the family together and celebrating the end of another year before we welcome and new one which holds the unknown. It’s a fantastic excuse to enjoy good company, good food and to show some generosity towards the ones we love (and perhaps even people we don’t know). Children who took part in the online polls may not know where this all stems from but I hope they can keep up the traditions and symbolism which means the most to themselves.

What do you think? Do online polls matter when it comes to Christmas? Is it terrible that Christian traditions are being forgotten by youngsters, or is it right that our society evolves and is inclusive of all beliefs? Join the discussion on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to have your say and earn cash through the latest paid online polls and paid surveys for money at Opinion Outpost UK.

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