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Opinion survey results: Christmas shopping well spent?

Christmas shopping opinion survey results

An opinion survey on Christmas shopping revealed that we are a nation of strategic shoppers, with most men buying the perfect gift in under an hour.

The opinion survey of 1,000 shoppers, conducted by John Lewis, revealed some fascinating trends into our Christmas Shopping habits here in the UK.

According to the opinion survey, 52% of us write lists and 46% work out budgets before we begin shopping. Interestingly, 48% of shoppers buy all their Christmas presents in just 1 to 4 super-efficient shopping trips. To maximise the efficiency of our time, nearly a quarter of working people plan to take annual leave to do their Christmas shopping, leaving the weekends free to prepare and do other things.

Men in particular came out as super-efficient shoppers in the opinion survey. Nearly half of all men who answered the opinion survey said that they bought the perfect present for their nearest and dearest in under an hour! Pretty impressive stuff. The men also came out of the opinion survey as the most generous, spending a higher average amount on their partner than women did (£114.70 versus £75 on average).

In comparison, most people with pets said that they would be buying them a Christmas present (65%, according to the opinion survey), a 32% of shoppers even said they took over an hour to choose a gift for their pampered pet! (That’s longer than they took to choose a present for their partner!).

Another revelation from the shopping opinion survey was that pre-planning made Christmas shopping less expensive in general. 15% of people who took part in the opinion survey said they went £100 or more over budget if they left their Christmas shopping until the last minute. This may be a lesson for the traditional Christmas Eve dash that some undertake. Interestingly though we don’t pre-plan too far ahead, as only 16% of people start their Christmas shopping before October, with the majority of people in the opinion survey (58%) saying they shop in November and December.

Overall, we are a pretty generous bunch here in the UK. According to another opinion survey, the average family spends £800 on Christmas. Now that’s a lot of festive cheer!

What do you think of the opinion survey? Men – do you agree with the cliche of blokes leaving it until Christmas Eve, or do you save money and go earlier? Do you think we are under pressure to spend more and more money at Christmas? Is it even necessary? We’d love to hear your views on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to have your say and earn cash all year round in our latest paid survey at Opinion Outpost UK.

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